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  1. Ozz

    2013 " Official [XP] Clan Page " Recruiting New Members Now !!!!!!!

    Welcome To My New [XP]** Clan “ OurChatzy Link” We Are Currently Accepting Members…. No Rules, Anyone Can Join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come & Join My New Clan [XP]**Is The Name Of The Clan.... [XP]**[XP]**[XP]**[XP]**[XP]**[XP]**[XP]* IN Game Name...
  2. Ozz

    Golden Eye King Of The Day... Who? Splash King! :trollkarp:

    Mod Edit: You've already made an FC thread. Don't post dupes.
  3. Ozz

    Let's play I'm on right now destroying anyone I see.

    Mod Edit: No text size abuse. Also, keep FC threads in the Wii Friend Codes forum. Add me I'm Oscar[E7] Friendcode: 5047-3684-2425 Same player just different FC. I'm destroying anyone that gets in my way now. Add me a.s.a.p. [E7] Clan members & anyone who really plays without quitting...