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    Does anyone have Rockband 2?

    Hey everyone, I have finallt mastered all instruments on RB2! I play expert on drums, vocals, bass and guitar. I was wondering if anyone had it so I can face them and have some fun! Please PM PM PM PM ME!! I will be on all night tonite! Please PM me with your Rockband 2 Friend Code. Thanks...
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    Hey everyone im Back!

    Hey everyone, I was on a very long vacation, which means my internet was down for a very long time, but now im back to play any game with anyone and to socialise!!! So come and PM me with any games you want to play me in and Ill be sure to answer you! *Emmure*
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    I wish they would make more games.

    I wish they would make more games for the gamecube. How about you.?
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    Hey! Im Emmure!

    Hey everyone im Emmure! I love playing wii, I just got The Conduit, and I decided to join this to make some friends, I do have more games with wifi, so if you want to play just PM me ok bye!