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    Plz Help

    i bought madden with my wii b/c im a huge madden fan. i had to turn it in to gamestop b/c it just wasnt what i was looking for. maybe a couple weeks wasnt giving it enough of a chance, but the motion controls DID make it kinda frustrating. i couldnt pass very well and i never did get the hang of...
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    How Old Are All The Wii Owners in Here

    19 y/o
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    Rate the last movie you saw

    i give War a 9/10, best action movie i've seen in a while. on par with crank, but with a better ending.
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    Madden 08 problem?

    i find the best way to pass is with the wrist strap off, and throwing the wii-mote where you want the ball. it has to hit the tv. :lol: certainly it could be your wii-mote, i dunno if it needs batteries or there's something blocking the sensor, but it's probably just the general madden...
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    Madden Controls

    figured out how to get to the screen that shows first name/former teams/height/weight/stats/n stuff in fantasy draft just hit 1 & 2 at the same time :thumbsup: now i can get my towering WRs and hulking DTs btw, is there any chance of a madden sub-forum? i know other places try...
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    Madden Help?

    i used to ask madden on 4th downs b/c itd be the easiest way to get to punt/fg block, plus if they were going for it madden would tell me. but i find the ask madden button too clunky. maybe im just a wii noob, but the 1 & 2 buttons aren't very convenient. swats still work decently, if...
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    Madden Controls

    that is teh xXsUcKsOrzXx note: i have found that timing is key for the user picks. gotta wait for it.
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    Snake a Good Idea

    if it gets Hideo to make some stuff for the wii, put snake on the cover of ssb. i'd at least like to see some of the old metal gear ports for download on vc
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    Madden Controls

    i'm starting to enjoy the ridiculous amount of motion that goes into playing wii madden. it's a work out, and us tough manly football similation fans should have stronger forearms to show for it. i do miss stuff about the ps2 controls. like not hitting myself in the face with the wire so my...
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    hi. i'm posting about madden now.