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  1. danielh

    a few online games i'd like 2 have friends on...

    I HAVE NO FRIENDS 4 ANY OF THESE GAMESgoldeneye 007the conduit 2excitebotsmario kart wiimadden 10NBA 2K11naruto shippuden 3mario strikers chargedWWE smackdown vs. raw 2009I'll give my codes 2 anyone that wants 2 exhange codes. if u can plz jst pm me on youtube- if u type up danielherron57 on...
  2. danielh


    LOL, i lost my power cord 4 lik 20 min and i made a power cord, and well, it worked 4 bout 20 min thn my wii cut off and well, its fried... now i gota get another, but lol, ima make a funny youtube vid of my playin wii and gettin mad and thrown my wii out the door n the road and bustin...
  3. danielh

    my right ear been ringing for over 4 hours

    i know know one is a docter on here, DUH. but has anybody else's right ear ring for multiple hours stright. my ear still ringing, i cant hear anything but ringing. i dont wanna be deff. i tried everything... :/ this sucks, im flippin out. im to young to be deff.
  4. danielh

    MW3-NAT type strict-HELP

    its been 2 weeks now that i'v been trying 2 find my wii's IP address. I CANT FIND IT... anyone that has changed there NAT type off of strict PLEASE HELP... i have many new game types, lik roll the dice, zombies, ghosts vs. humans and more. i'd like to host online matches and play those game...
  5. danielh

    need a gaming friend (with modded wii)

    people hav added me & iv added thm but i still hav no wii friends (except 1) but they dont play lik i do... iv got a modded wii sooo, if anybody else got hundreds of games than add me & keep n tuch with me on here intill the codes go thru. i also need a friend 2 find glitches with. (on all...
  6. danielh

    the daniel stuff forum

    :yesnod:im chillin n Columbia gettin drunk. bout 2 eat steak, crab legs, shrimp, fish hambergers, hotdogs, all kinda food, we b eatin XD GLITCH MASTER IN THIS MOFO........ mobb got my back ;p:sick::sick::sick::sick::sick::sick:
  7. danielh

    watching movies free online on wii

    does anybody know ANY sites 2 watch full episodes or movies. i was watching simpsons episodes on my wii on some weird site, it was n a diff language but they spoke n english. anyways, it just stoped playing thm 4 some reason. i dont care if there crapy shows, if anybody knows any sites thn...
  8. danielh

    Glitch Mobb

    Leaders: [GM]PARTYGUY:] [GM]NaYnaY:] [GM]hybrid-x1:] ANY AGE welcome....... Mod edit. Dont add stupid things to the title
  9. danielh

    merging clans 2gether

    anybody interested. KEEPING MY CLAN NAME, so i guess ur clan would merge with mine. im not telling 40 people 2 join another clan
  10. danielh

    im bord, cant sleep.

    iv been having trouble sleeping, :P & wakin up :P but mostly sleeping. im soo tired, i keep yahning but i just cant fall asleep. im missing something, cant figure out what...y cant i just sleep....... this is buggin me
  11. danielh

    lookin 4 cod bo clans 2 battle

    [GM] is looking 4 battles. this friday would b perfect. ooo, & bla bla bull#### stuff, u-no any1 can join and stuff, i dont really care if any1 joins, we have over 30 people already. WE WANT 2 BATTLE ANY CLAN. im not goina lie lik most people, we arent the best but we r VERY good & lik 2 have...
  12. danielh

    Call Of Duty Black OPS, just check it out

    Any main person in there clan, Please leave 1 code for each clan so we can have clan battle at some point. [GM] r3p3rz3nt.(((((( let me see how good ur clan is. )))))
  13. danielh

    who plays cod, any cod, all the time

    r u gettin black ops, thn lets talk, r u the best, rate ur self from 1-10, 10 being best. also. what position do u play, i lik using guns for up close, thats what im best at. LEAVE UR WII CODE, mine is to the left
  14. danielh

    hi everyone

    whats up, whats ur favorite wii game ever of all time