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    Hello :)

    Hello :)
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    Hello :_

    Hello :_
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    Hey Bowser, hru? :)

    Hey Bowser, hru? :)
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    This site got a prinny

    Hey ya :)
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    Super Mario Hamster

    Watch the video at
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    Rumour: Leading Japanese Game Company Kidnapped Dev's Sister To Stop Them From Workin

    The title should read as "Rumour: Leading Japanese Game Company Kidnapped Dev's Sister To Stop Them From Working with Nintendo" But some got cut off, sorry about that. I don't know where to post this but...more at-->Dev's sister kidnapped.
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    Nintendo's new president is...

    Following the death of Satoru Iwata earlier this year, Nintendo has appointed Tatsumi Kimishima as President of the company. Previously, Kimishima served as Nintendo of America CEO before Iwata was given the role before being appointed as Managing Director, General Manager, and Head of the...
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    Satoru Iwata :(

    It is truly sad, but yeah I wonder too.
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    Satoru Iwata :(

    I have sad news to report, Mr Iwata passed away at 55 Read more at
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    25 Year-Old Japanese Man Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Blow Up Nintendo's HQ

    Said he would kill Nintendo executives "sooner or later" It has been reported today that a 25 year-old Japanese man has been arrested in connection with death threats made against executives at Nintendo. According to Sankei News, the suspect used Nintendo's online inquiry form to make the...
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    na wiiu vc 8/29/13

    i have to do this on Wii U bc my Comp has been broke a month now.
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    na wiiu vc 8/29/13

    Aug. 29, 2013 This week's Nintendo Download includes the following featured content: Nintendo eShop on Wii U™ Pokémon™ Rumble U – Battle your way through enemies and experience an epic adventure. The world of Pokémon Rumble U is split into several areas with...
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    Mario Opera
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    Weirdness: If You Always Wanted a Gold DuckTales NES Cartridge, Now's Your Chance

    the article is here
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    wiiu addings.

    If anyone wanna add me to there wiiu, my id is Scoobypaw123
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    Thx for saying i'm a cool poster :)

    Thx for saying i'm a cool poster :)
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    WiiU Gamepad longer lasting battery

    I also have a outlet by my wii u too but i still worry about battery life.
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    How many of you actually use a Hard drive? what is its capacity? 8GB or 32GB Wii U?

    3 so far but more downloadable only titles: kung fu rabbit, punch out feature Mr Dream, puddle, wii street u, netflix (app), rayman legends app, SMW, Super metroid (if released Wensday) SMB 2 (on Thurday). honestly it doesn't matter its what size u want, i didn't want a exturnal drive to be...
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    SEGA Planning Seven Releases for Wii U in the Coming Year