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    Speed up your Wii internet connection

    I didn't see this posted on any sticky or sorts so here it is: Set your Wii with a static IP address: Do not use Proxy server: Make sure to enter DNS address: Primary: Secondary: This will boost your wii connection greatly. Using the Nintendo Channel...
  2. J

    Finally a Wii game with the correct aspect ratio

    The new Contra Rebirth WiiWare game has finally gotten the aspect ratio of the Wii correct. What I mean is that even though your TV is a 16:9 the game runs correctly at 4:3 without the need to change the TV screen size. I just hope this a trend that other developers will use when release VC...
  3. J

    The conduit sales figures?

    Anyone know what are the The Conduit sales figures are so far?
  4. J

    Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi Friend Code

    For all the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 owners, lets post our friends codes here so we can battel each other. My is: 287-880-884-940
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    Metroid 3 graphics are sorta of a let down

    Just so everyone knows, I love my wii and graphics comes second after gameplay. Anyway after the many reviews I have read regarding about the game and it's graphics I was expecting something in the line of Halo 2. I found the Metroid Prime 3 graphics are very simple and low poloy + very little...
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    Zelda: OOT VC graphics upgrade?

    Anyone knows if Zeldas graphics are they upgraded Gamecube or just the N64 version?
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    How come everyone here doesn't update their profile?

    Just wondering how come no one enter data into their wiichat profile?
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    Gamestop wireless contoller quailty?

    Planning on getting some gamecube controllers for my Wii and I saw that gamestop has wireless controllers. Has anyone tried any of these yet and if so are they any good? Is there lag on it and hows the quailty build? Also, is the rumble feature found on it unlike the wavebird? Again these...
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    Component cables are a must

    I just got my component cables from nintendo and what a difference it made for Zelda. It totaly gave it a faceleft. The colors are so much brighter and deeper. Anyone with a EDTV/HDTV must be using these to get the most out of your Wii. PS: On another thread regarding VC games being...
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    what nintendo could've added to the Wii channel

    What do you think nintendo should've done with the Wii channel? I for one think it would've been cool to be able to put a background image.
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    DVD playback software upgrade?

    I've read a couple articles talking the new DVD playback Wii and in some of them they mention a DVD software upgrade. So does this mean that current Wii's can play DVD with a DVD software installed? If so are they working on such a software either it be official Nintendo or home brew?