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  1. Bakura23

    I'm done

    I'm done playing Goldeneye. It was a lot of fun fighting my way to 56 and I'm glad I was able to meet and party up with some good people. Thanks for welcoming this noob to the game! Take care and maybe I'll be lucky and run into some of you in another game in the future.
  2. Bakura23

    Hardwired connection

    Just curious if anyone uses the USB hardwired Internet connection on their Wii and how much difference it makes playing online vs the wifi.
  3. Bakura23

    Changes to online multiplayer

    There have been a few things about online multiplayer that seem incomplete or poorly executed, aside from the obvious issues everyone has with lag and hosting. 1. Heroes would be so much better of there were a few changes. Everyone that isn't the hero should be either forced to choose one of...
  4. Bakura23

    Silenced Ivana

    I've been doing a lot of gun-jacking to close proficiencies before I unlock weapons. I've used Ivanas equipped with all the different attachments and I haven't noticed a drop in power with the silencer like you see with the other weapons. Is this actually the case? Not sure if this is just...
  5. Bakura23

    Pistols-only LTK/TLTK match

    Just wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a pistols-only match this Saturday or Sunday, sometime from 5am-8am EST. I would like to do it with only the low pistols, as well. So Hawksman, Torka, and P99 only. We could do either LTK or TLTK, depending on preference of those playing.
  6. Bakura23

    ADS Snap

    Ive been having problems with ADS snap lately. I'll try locking in on someone and, if they are strafing and move just out of the area that snap works on before it actually locks me on them, my sights get kicked about 20 or 30 degrees off my original line. So, I'm left wide open usually end up...
  7. Bakura23

    Snap shot with the GCC

    It seems like a lot of people use snap shot, but I think those folks mostly use the remote. I use a gamecube controller and have found no use for this gadget. Hip firing with this controller is too difficult for me to control if my target isn't immediately in front of me. Has anyone that uses...
  8. Bakura23


    This morning I was in a game and noticed I was showing as a level 0, and then started getting proficiency awards. I checked my weapons and everything is reset, which is like the third time this has happened. On the one hand, it's extra XP, but on the other, I don't want to do all the...