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    Pre E3 Wii Party!! You're Invited!

    So E3 is a weekend away. So I thought we could do something cool! Let's wrap up everything we know so far and post our most wanted games Pre E3. Or let's just talk games, tell me if you think my list is suckish or just post E3 rumors/hopes I'm just curious to see how our most wanted lists...
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    Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom coming..

    Please forgive my short post I'm getting ready for bed and have a loaded day tomorrow. It's already late as it is... Anyway I got word that this game is coming to the U.S. Maybe I should've kept quiet but hey, I figured you knuckleheads should know. NOTHING IS OFFICIAL AS OF TODAY. I think...
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    Grudge Director Works On Wii Game

    Source: This could be good since it's coming from the mind of Takashi. Wii could use a little scare!
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    The reason I hate hardcore

    This is why I don't consider myself "hardcore". While this lame video might have most of you screaming, "TehL33TZ H@RdCoR3!!!!!!!!!!1" I think this is not only disgusting but the amount of blood is so exaggerated it kills the art of the game all...
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    New Dead Space Wii Details(Disappointing)

    Well Here's a trailer: Let me get to the good. It has great graphics, sound, and game developers behind it. The bad?? Well let's just say I might just skip this game all together I'm tired of...
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    Has the bloody "hardcore" revolution begun??

    Keep in mind hardcore games can mean many things, in this post I talk about games with violence and gore. Personally I'm more of a casual gamer. Blood and gore don't impress me. But everyone else seems to care so here you go... February 3rd 2009: The day the Wii got its HARDCORE On this date...
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    What's in your Wii right now?

    What up Wiichat dudes!! I got to thinkin', "what are people playing at the moment?" Then I decided to make this thread. This thread is not about which game you wanna play, which game is your favorite or which game is better than which. This is simply(like the title says) about which game you're...
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    A child wished upon a star (My Review)

    What would your idea be? Of the greatest game in the world? Would it involve swords and knights? A hero with a huge inventory, and a brave princess? Or how about a damsel in distress, and an uncommon hero? Or magic ball that could unleash beasts of many kind to be used as a weapon in...
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    Display question (Videophiles only)

    I'm using component cables at 480p. On what screen would the Wii have better overall picture? The Sony 34XBR960 or the Samsung Slimfit TX-R3079? I ask because I should be getting a XBR960 set tommorow which will be replacing my Slimfit. I loved the Slimfit but it broke down on me(after a...