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    The REAL problems in the US... They'll only get worse

    Forget it. you guys don't belive anything that is true. Not to be mean, but I am much smarter than most of you. A lot of you Are really stuborn and cruel. People like you are going to be failures because you can't except the truth. There are few of you that can possibly make a living. There are...
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    The REAL problems in the US... They'll only get worse

    Alright now. The US is not the great and powerful country anymore. Belive it or not, it is true about everything I'm going to say here. Now listen carefully if you're Americans (if not you shold listen anyway because it might happen in your country) Listen carefully fellow Wiichat members...
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    Top 10 Video Games Of 2007

    Metroid Prime 3 should be on there. It had the most inivative controls on Wii yet and a great game. Yahoo sucks.
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    Gift ideas for Dad

    Get him Animal Crossing: Wild World! Great game and easy to play. Tetris DS would also be a good buy for him (never played it, but I've played a Tetris game before) EDIT: I love your avatar and sig spcmanspif, i'm a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes. (it's a comic strip if the rest of you...
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    What Do You Look For In A...

    Here's what you might find from your tipical girl -must be like tottaly hot and strong -has to wait on me hand and foot -has to buy me everything I want -has to obey MY 10 comandments -must be smart so he can do my homework for me HAHAHA Just to let you know: THIS IS A JOKE so don't...
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    Super Mario Galaxy- best Nintendo game?

    Ocarina of time was a blast, but I think I'll enjoy Galaxy better. Just a little info: Everyone (Well, a lot of people) say how MS and Sony make much better games than Nintendo? They're wrong. The top three rated games of all time are made by Nintendo. Galaxy, Ocarina, and Metroid Prime.
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    no more heroes fan thread

    This is much different then GTA. Looks fun, but I'll never be allowed to play it (I'm 15)
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    Think she'll like it?

    fine. I won't give it to her if you're all so against it.
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    Can you buy a Guitar Hero 3 Guitar?

    I really don't like Paintballer
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    Think she'll like it?

    Now first off, this is my SISTER I'm talking about. I was trying to think of a good Christmas present for her so she can have someting fun to pass the time in college, and then I remembered that she wanted to take my N64 to college for a while, but I said no because I said I still play it...
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    Favourite Free Online games?

    I hate Runescape. Call me a nerd or a geek, but Puzzle Pirates is awsome. I played 7 straight hours once. I haven't played it for a while. I lost everything when I had all this stuff. It's sad really.
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    Any Console Collectors Here?

    I own these: SNES N64 GC Wii Gameboy (brothers) Game Boy Pocket (It broke) Game Boy Color (My sister's. Shocking, I know) GBA (mine) SP (Mine) DS Phat (Mine) and all the consoles are mine. I do regret buying a SNES. I have Mario Paint, which is still fun to play every once in a...
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    Mario Galaxy a "borderline failure"

    the ones that are not stupid own a Wii and like it
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    How long is the game?

    Well, i never beat the game (got stuck in chapter 4-3) but it's probably about 20-25 hours is my best guess. Great game though.
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    360 vs Wii

    360 will never beat the Wii. all of the 360s top games have come out, and Wii is STILL in 1st place. When big games come out like Brawl and Mario Kart Wii, Wii sales will skyrocket. Not to mention that big 3rd party games will come out like No More Heroes. So I don't think that the Wii is in...
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    Mario Galaxy a "borderline failure"

    **** the sale numbers. This game is the highest rated game ever. Plus most americans are stupid and only want really violent games. I can't wait to play Super Mario Galaxy (Christmas is around the corner)
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    Sin & Punishment

    I downloaded A Link to the past! I've barely played it since I was too tired to play it last night after I downloaded it, but I played some this morning. Not much. I just walked into the first place to get someting for the elder. Good so far.
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    good christmas present?

    I got a Nintendo Wii on launch day from my parents for a Christmas Present (I know I'm lucky to get one on lauch). I LOVE playing Nintendo Wii. I've played through all my Wii games (except Zelda because I got stuck and couldn't find where to go). So as I'm waiting for Christmas (hopefully for...
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    Super Smash Bros.

    I have it on the N64 and it was hours of fun. I don't need it on the VC since I have the original, but it would be awsome. A lot of people will download it
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    The games to easy and is made for children 12 and younger

    Yeah, 60 stars may be easy, but try getting all 120!