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    One Piece!

    It's proparbly the only anime show I watch... and it is AWESOME! General discussion goes here. I think Luffy is one of the best cartoon characters ever. He's so simple, but so deep at the same time... :wtf: ---------------- Now playing: The Who - Won't get fooled again via FoxyTunes
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    August 10th, UK Virtual console

    Volleyball, Breath of Fire II & Galaga '90. This week ain't so bad... Taken directly from
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    The "Game" game!

    Okay this is how it works: I will say a name of a game. You will have to come up with a new game that starts with the last letter of the game I said.. For example I say Super Mario Bros... then someone says Super Metroid. Get it? Let's start. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
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    Taking the mod chip out?

    Well, I'm thinking about modding my Wii "for backup". Well I was wondering if after I had put the chip in, could I remove it so you couldn't see if it ever was there? Don't hate me, hate the hackers!
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    Classic controller problem!!

    I posted this in another thread but no one answered. So... I just bought a classic controller. Connected it to my wiimote and works fine. But then, when i unplugged it, there was no pointer(well. hand, pointing finger, whatever). It only shows up when I plug in the classic controller and use...
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    Should I get it?

    Well, I am a big Mario (and Nintendo) fan, and I love Mario in 2d especially.... but I don't like RPG games! I've seen videos from this game and I think it looks fantastic! But still I don't like rpgs, is this game really much of a rpg game?
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    Hey, what's up? I'm new to this forum, and I am a relatively fresh Nintendo Nerd. So be nice.