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    Any Martial Artists ?

    I ve been into martial arts more than 20 years. I say into, not been doing, because for so many reasons I stopped so many times (surgeries, move a lot, got married :) ) So I am not a professinal.. But still into them.. I practiced Shotokan Karate and Boxing Is there any one who interests...
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    Some of my arts

    Hi guys, These are some of my arts. You can also find more on my devinianart page: Thanks
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    Glad to be here !!

    Hi everyone, My name is Nevzat, from Istanbul Turkey Used to live in US, VA.. Back to my home country 6 years ago. I am an IT engineerr, works as a Financial Specialist Being a Nintendo and Sega fan from my childhood As gaming consoles; I have Wii, Ps2 and Psp (Wii is my fav.. Actually, to...