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    cds stikers

    That's no fun.
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    -Fox/Falco/Wolf-Who do you prefer?

    Melee - Falco Brawl - Wolf
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    My Hammers Dont Work!

    There are a few challenges you can't use the hammers on. This is one of them.
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    Is Sonic weak?...

    You must pursue them off the stage. You're recovery is great so SD's won't happen too often.
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    fave pokemon character

    Jigglypuff no doubt.
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    Character with the Hardest Learning Curve

    No you didn't
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    1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1???...stupidest idea ever

    4 players is quite busy as it is.
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    Smash Bros. Brawl Computer Players Difficulty

    A level 9 computer player hasn't missed me with a dragoon yet. Maybe I just don't know how to dodge them.
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    The little things that counts.

    I really like how when Toon Link's bombs explode, it is all wind wakerish, and not like a regular explosion that occurs in the game. That little detail makes him so much more awesome.
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    How do i add Messages to my taunts?

    EDIT: Never mind, figured it out
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    How did you beat Tabuu?

    Try using Lucas equipped with many +electric attack stickers. He won't kill Tabuu alone, but will do a nice amount of damage before he gets killed. EDIT: His B up
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    Stars on the online play?

    I believe they are your KO count.
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    ....Need to earn $200......

    1. Build time machine 2. Go back in time about 4 months 3. Make $200+ in 4 months instead of waiting until the last minute 4. Enjoy Wii Foolproof
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    how do you deal with losing to a friend

    Take the beating, go home, and get better.
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    Yay I Love My Wii, How About You? Happy Owners Post Here...

    If I had to choose between life or Wii, I'd choose life. But I still love my Wii.
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    32 Pictures of Hell on Earth

    Sick and twisted....:sick:
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    The Final Hour: Looking back at the buildup to Brawl (SPOILERS)

    5. Music Collection I didn't really appreciate the music in the game until the game tracks started popping up on youtube. Bramble Blast! Scrap Brain Zone! Others I can't think of! 4. Wavebird Compatable Would have hated playing with the remote/nunchuk (i think) 3. Sonic the Hedgehog The Sonic...
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    Whatever Happened To Hard Rock?

    Hard Rock is still there, you just need to look deeper than your mainstream radio stations. I would recommend some music, but I am so picky about what I listen to, so I say browse a hard rock forum for some suggestions on new music. Edit: Try this out. Enter some of...
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    Songs you NEVER get tired of.

    Love all three of these