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    Real or Fake? Wii Emulator

    I've read in certain places that it isn't possible to emulate the Wii because of the lack of power but it seems someone has already emulated it.Idk if this is real or fake any idea?
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    Cd drive not reading Disc's

    Help my cd drive wont read any cds i just installed/hooked it up to this computer and it was working on my previous pc so i know its not broken I even reset my pc and uninstalled/reinstalled the cd drive help plz:sick:
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    Monitor pissing me off!!!

    My monitor falls asleep if i dont use my comp for like 10 seconds it just like falls asleep then it takes like 5 more seconds for it to wake up again grrrrrrr!!! but i know its not the screen saver because i have a screen saver set but it never goes off so i know its the monitor can someone...
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    Get High OFF Waves =O "Legally"

    Get high off soundwaves :yikes: the programs called idoser info... 1. What is I-Doser? I-Doser Labs is the leading producer of Binaural Brainwave CDs and computer applications. Using proven, scientific, and safe methods of synchronizing your brainwaves; a simulated state can be achieved...
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    North Hollywood shootout

    Has anyone ever heard of the North hollywood shootout that occurred back in 97'???Well i live about a mile away from this bank in which the incident occurred but for those of you who've never heard of it here are a couple of links...
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    Any good PC Forums you might know of???

    Well i have a new pc and i want to find a good pc forum were i can find downloads etc anyone visit such forums id be glad if you can help me out & ill rep you if you help :wink:
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    Hey all i have $300 is there any way i can buy a laptop with that??? I really dont care as long as it runs Vista i'll buy it lol help im desperate!!!:crazy:
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    I remember finding this one website that you would enter a web adress like and it would show you how it used to be when it was just created. Anyone know what im talking about?Can you help me find it please!!!:drool: Edit: OoOoOps i thought i was in lounge my bad for posting here :frown2:
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    Do you play SPM everyday or play when bored???

    Do you play SPM even when you have stuff to do or do you try and save it so when you're really bored.I play every now and then i dont really wana pass it all at once because i know ill have nothing to do except Myspace :rolleyes:
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    Omg!!!mario Party 8 Shipping 4/09!!!!

    LOOK!!!:eek: :eek: :eek: IS THIS TRUE?!?!?!
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    Nintendo Replacing Buggie Zelda TP discs So does this mean you send in your old Tp disc and they send you a new TP in shrink wrap and you return in to Walmart for a full refund :D
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    $300 shopping spree any suggestions???

    Well im in vacations from school and i got a job and tommorows payday :ihih: And ima spend my $300 paycheck on my Wii only any suggestions on games:confused: Im looking for party games I have Zelda already and im thinking i might get Excite Truck & Raymon Rabbits what you think?Oh yea and Ima...
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    Will Nintendo replace broken gamecube port doors???

    Well my Wii fell while it was on its stand to the ground and my top door thing fell off you know the one you pop open to connect the gamecube could you buy a replacement or do you think Nintendo will replace it?:confused:
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    Routers history log

    Ive been using my router with my Wii for a while now but i would like to know ho i can check my routers hitory log anyone know how???
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    Linksys Installation cd rip

    Well i have a Wrt54g v.6 router i got for Christmas from my sister.The problem is it was used and when i enter my routers IP to enter the routers settings its in Spanish and i can't change it back to English without the Installation cd because it has the files that it needs to set the routers...
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    Getting my router online

    Well today my sister gave me her router because she didnt need it anymore and now i have problems setting it up :sad: i have everything hooked up but when i scan for signal on my Wii it wont work and i know its not the Wii because it wont work on my psp either it finds the signal but it doesn't...
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    Wii Sports Doesn't Need Sensor Bar

    Idk if some of you knew this but ive had my Wii since about a week after launch and i just recently noticed the Wii Sports doesnt need the sensor bar :nono:
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    HELP PLZZ!!! i really want WII

    So i called my brother and ask him if there was a big line @ bestbuy and apearently theres 350 people there in line :mad2: so he also checked out eb games and target and theres noone in line but he said he only saw 2 wii boxes but hes not sure if there just there for decoration or what so what...
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    Just Got Twilight Princess @ Toys"r" Us

    So its 2 pm u have nothing to do and cant wait to get your wii what do u do??? Well i decided to bug my local gamestop target bb etc. by calling every 30 mins to see if they have the second shipments of the wii :ihih: and i kept getting the same answer "i dont know when were getting our second...