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    Is Sonic weak?...

    Well obviously he is not as strong as Ike or some one of the sort. But I can never really pwn someone with Sonic. He can't pummel people off the stage too much even if they have 90+ damage on them. Or maybe I just suck at using Sonic. Does anyone have any tips for me?...
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    Noob Spam Counter

    Oh yea I meant reflectors... I guess I got confused. But eventually your shield runs out. Then you don't even get a chance to jump, it can get very frustrating...
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    Noob Spam Counter

    Umm... I was wondering, you do know that all characters don't have shields right?...:tard:
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    brawl stories

    Well... It was Sudden Death. Me VS Some random dude. It lasted a while then he got me! Right after he hit me he started to taunt me. Now the hit sent me launching to the background. Suddenly when he started taunting me, bombs were falling all over the place. I guess thats what happens when you...
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    Brawl. Now. POST!

    anyone up for a match?... Im sort of bored here lol...FC is in my sig as usual!:)
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    Brawl. Now. POST!

    I added you dude! and also are you EMERL?...
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    Brawl. Now. POST!

    Lol... I was praising you. Seriously your good dude... You do know it was me you were playing right...?
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    Brawl. Now. POST!

    dang minto ur too good lol... im ametuer...
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    Brawl. Now. POST!

    hey can i join the match with you two lemme add you wario... But i think i already added minto and u added me to. For the record minto my name is SanMN
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    Brawl. Now. POST!

    I'm looking for a brawl right now! Anyone wanna play my FC is in the sig! Message me soon I'm about to leave lol. :)
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    SSBB Friend Codes

    Info is in the sig... If you wanna brawl now add me... I'm so bored lol...
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    SSBB Friend Codes

    Ok now I am getting very agrivated. Everyone I have added so far never come on. Who here plays a lot? If you do please add me because I only have like 9 people on my friends list. Also I am trying to add people mainly who have aol instant messenger, if so pm me or something. P.S. My brawl info...
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    SSBB Friend Codes

    My code is in the sig. Just looking for people who hav Aol Instant Messanger, if so feel free to pm me on wiichat or message me on AIM. THX to All!:)
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    Snake is the bomb! I love him, he always pwns lol. Hey, I should play against you sometime, add me me info is in the sig.:)
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    What's Your Controller Setup?

    Well I never played Melee but the Wiimote + Nunchuck works perfectly fine for me. Maybe if I had a GC controller than it will be better but I can live with the setup I have now.;)
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    How's your Wi-Fi connection?

    Ok... I was wondering. If someone has Lag and you are playing them does that mean you will get lagged up too?... Because sometimes when I play a game Its awesome connection but every now and then with 4 Player Anyone match it gets so laggy that the game takes 11 seconds for 1 second to happen.
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    How to play regular matches?...

    How do you play a vs. mode with single player?... Because some characters to unlock take a certain amount of brawls to play, but I can only play classic mode and junk. How do you get to the single vs. mode?...
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    Who's online a lot?

    I'm looking for people who also play online a lot. If anyone wants to add me then pm me me first. TY!
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    Official 'I have Brawl' Thread

    I bought my Brawl on Sunday and I'm loving every bit of it!
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    ssbb wifi works!!

    Yes I have noticed this too and I am lovin every bit of it. The team matches rule dude!:):):):):):p