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    I can't play Metroid 3 only! plz help!!!

    Hi, I have Legend of Zelda, Super Mario galaxy, RE4, RE:umbrella chronicles, and metroid prime3. I bought metroid prime 3 today and it keeps on going to black screen in the beginning and the console automatically restarts. It doesn't happen in other games but metroid prime 3 is the only game...
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    If u have buy 2 get 1 free deal, what games will u pick?

    I was just wondering what games u guys r going to buy for buy 2 get 1 free deal. I am thinking of Super mario galaxy + Metroid Prime 3 + Super Smash Bros Brawl. But I am not sure about MP3. I loved MP1 but I seriously hated MP2 from bottom of my heart for not having great weapons, having...
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    Toysrus deal, need help

    1. does buy 2 get 1 free deal apply to online order? 2. does buy 2 get 1 free deal apply to the game that didn't come out yet? because says that super smash bros brawl is also having buy 2 get 1 free event. 3. can I pre-order 3...
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    RE4 knife clear

    I am playing RE4 pro mode and using knife only. I already beat chief, scorpion looking boss, and Krouser with knife but I couldn't beat the Salizar's right arm alien looking boss. I knifed him for 35 min before my hand was nummed and I accidentally got hit by him and died. Chief took...
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    Fire Tample question, did u buy a shield?

    Hi, when I played Zelda:TP for gamecube I ignored whether my shield was burned or not and I just beat the fire tample without the shield. I am playing with wii now and Midna is keep telling me to get a shield so i was like ok whatever and i went all the way down to the village, the store...
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    Do u guys use battery charger?

    My wiimote battery is down for the first time since I bought it and don't know what to do. shall I 1) buy wiimote charger 2) buy battery charger 3) buy hundreds of 1 time usage battery in bulk.
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    How far do you sit away from TV?

    I use 26inch HDTV and sit about 1meter away from TV. I recently realized that I was sitting too close from TV and sitting about 2M away from 26inch TV can actually comfort my eyes and make me think that the game has better graphic and texture. I was wondering how far u guys sit away from...
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    is TP graphic this blurry?

    I saw these screenshots and thought that it's too blurry to play the game like this. Is it really this blurry? if so, how can you guys play it? doesn't it hurt your eyes?
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    Resident Evil 4 graphic Help!!!!

    Hi! i just bought RE4 and running it for my wii with component cable(from Nintendo) and HDTV. I went to wii option and have 16:9 set. but When I play the game, i can see so many vertical lines all over the game screen and the game graphic looks dirty and not sharp. I think the graphic looks...
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    RE4 for wii, doesn't support widescreen?

    people in asia played RE4. They said it doesn't really support the wide screen. Game magazines and website said RE4 will support 16:9 but it's actually just a stretched screen of 4:3. RE4 for gc had top and bottom with black letterbox, they got rid of them. But that's it. It's like...
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    Help with Super Mario World plz~

    I think i beat either 3rd or 4th castle and entered the Illusionary Forest or whatever. I didn;'t know why it's called Illusion except I found out that I can't proceed any further. I am just keep going round and round. what should i do?
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    are u guys interested in Manhunt2????

    Manhunt is made by Rockstar, the creators of the famous GTA series. It came out to PC, PS2, and xbox but not for gamecube. I think it's due to the fact that gamecube had many younger audience and the game is one of the most violent game that makes GTA like child play. Anyway they are...
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    Where can i meet other miis?

    I thought I can create mii and interact with other people's wii and play something or do something sexual....... but there was nobody in mii plaza. where should i go? and what can i do with other Miis?
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    is it possible to transfer VC games?

    I just paid money to download VC games but I was wondering if I can log in with my account using different wii and still download it for free since I paid for it already. xbox live memorizes your account and info so if you paid once before you don't have to pay again. Same goes to PS3 online...
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    Is it possible to change the button configuration?

    I was playing super mario world because I am a big fan of that game. But I am very disappointed with buttons. I use gamecube controller to play it but they made jump button and dash button impossible to be pressed at the same time with same finger because B is the jump and Y or X is the...
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    how can i completely turn off Virtua Console?

    I was playing Super Mario world and press the home button to go to wii menu and turned off the console. After 3 hours, I turned the system back on and entered mario world and it started from exactly where i left the game using the home button. and also the disc tray was keep blinking blue...
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    what are blocks? are they wii memory?

    I just downloaded bunch of stuff from wii shopping channel and it says how many blocks i have and how many will there be after downloading. I was wondering what blocks mean. Are they like Megabyte, Gigabyte and stuff? is it possible to check how many blocks i have currently or expand it?
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    I am new with wii, please help me

    I just got a wii and have many questions. First of all, I have HDTV LCD. When I run wii, it shows everything in 16:9 which is good. but then when I run Gamecube games that doesn't support widescreen, it still shows as 16:9. So i manually changed the screen setting from full => normal using...
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    which component cable is the best?

    Hi, guys. I just bought a wii component cable for 30 dollars. It is a official nintendo wii component so i guess it's twice more expansive than third party component cable. I was wondering if it was a waste of money when I could just pick a same quality for cheaper price. or do you...
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    wii is more expansive than ps3?

    wii = $250 component cable = ? virtua console controller = ? Gamecube controller = ? wiimote charger = ? how much is total~?!?!?