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    try and guess the above persons faviourite game character

    title says all
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    who here collects onm?

    who here collects onm (aka official nintendo magazine) i collect that and ngamer.
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    your own final smash

    if you could think of a final smash for one of the characters what would it be?,you can also pick a character thats not in brawl and give them a final smash. example: note:spoiler because im saying one of the secret characters on brawl
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    is kirby 64 good?

    i was looking for a game on virtual console where you use 1000 stars for it,and i found kirby 64 and thought i would get it,but before doing that i just wanna know if its good or not?
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    the simpsons

    who here likes the simpsons?,i love it!
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    do you go on deviantart?

    like it says on the top,if you are on deviantart give me the link for your page,heres mine... -No Advertising (id like to see your drawings,mine are boring though :lol:)
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    sonic comic

    ive got my own sonic comic on paint...let me get it on here a second...
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    rate the video above you!

    im doing alot of these but i like doing them,anyway all you have to do is rate the video above you (you need to put a video to do it) and then rate like this... rating(75) (as last time i did a rating thread its still 0 to 100)
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    rate the avatar above you

    like the title says,do it like this :example: a penguin sliding avatar above me penguin sliding (25) (you can rate from 0 to 100)
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    say something about the persons image above you!

    its simple just say what you like or dislike about the persons image above you.
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    funny videos

    if theres a really funny video youve found on youtube show it here...
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    your own brawl

    if you could choose what would you want in brawl? (like an item an assist trophy a character a stage or something else for brawl)
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    smash bros brawl picture thread

    on this all you have to do is put a picture (or more if you want) of the best update youve seen yet.
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    not fair...

    its not fair now super smash bros brawl is coming quarter3 2008 for us in england...whoevers getting it earlier your super lucky:lol:
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    hi im andrew (aka) mario guy 2, im a boy from the united kingdom, so...ummm...yeah thats it really...
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    my dad cut his finger with a knife,put a plaster on it,gone in the bath,took off his plaster,and now his fingers white and he moved his finger and its cut open slightly!,he also keeps coming near me like a zombie to scare me...
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    hardest boss

    which do you think is the hardest boss on any of the zelda series.