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    ***Official Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 Friend Requests***

    Please Post the following format: Wiichat Username = MOH Username = Aim or other messaging service **If you want to give out your (aim, yahoo, or msn) then add another = (aim) YourUsername** I will update this list constantly so you don't have to scroll down. This will end countless...
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    Pay to Play or Free

    Would you Pay to Play online or free to go online? (Free) * You don't have to pay (x) amount every month * They already setup servers and everything so i just need to do my thing. Pay to Play * Most likely a montly fee * Updated servers with leaderboards * Less Lag I for...
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    Bleach The Movie (Sub)

    Anyone watch that yet? They have it subbed now and a new movie for bleach is coming out again in december in Japan. Anyways you can find the movie just about anywhere. What are your thoughts to this movie cause i thought it was sad for that girl to...ya.:ciappa: I recommend...
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    Best Buy Wii Tournament

    Didn't find this at any search so here ya go. Well I'm sure you've heard the increasing promotions for the wii like Wii demo tour at the malls across America or how about the best buy wii tournament. The best buy tournament is for Wii Tennis. 32 (2-family member teams) on September 16th...
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    New Here

    w^ everyone. I just got my Wii a week ago. I bought mario party but i'm going to trade it for madden 08 and go online with that. I'm all about online so i'm hoping MOH and Smash will be good enough to keep me up but not so much that it will affect my studies. I just paid 3,000 alone in 18.5...