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  1. ilikecookies

    Hi im new here~

    Cool story bro.
  2. ilikecookies

    FIFA World Cup 2010

    Portugal. <3
  3. ilikecookies

    Hi im new here~

    Welcome to Wiichat Bro.
  4. ilikecookies

    Overheated xbox 360

    Call Microsoft and ask them what the problem is and how you can fix it (If possible).
  5. ilikecookies

    Hi i am old.

    Don't know ya'
  6. ilikecookies

    Mythic Map Pack

    I got them. My Tags in my sig.
  7. ilikecookies

    Nhl 09

    If you have the money I would go ahead and by it. I really like the game and probably wouldnt be able to wait five months for 2010.
  8. ilikecookies

    American Idooooool

    I really only watch the first couple shows to see the people that are really bad. Now that only good people are left I don't tune in.
  9. ilikecookies

    All Things Hockey

    Yeah that was great. All of my friends like Caps better since I'm a Pens fan I had to rub it in their faces today.
  10. ilikecookies


    Hey hey welcome to the forum.
  11. ilikecookies

    Orange box 2

    The only thing I liked about the first one was Portal so if there was a second one I wouldn't get it.
  12. ilikecookies

    Cad Video

    Bumped because people need to become a better person.
  13. ilikecookies

    Cad Video

    Oh right. Uhh well its half and half. Half CAD half Heath Career Ed.
  14. ilikecookies

    Cad Video

    Well there was supposed to be a meaning. Gender stereotyping is bad. Things got a little sidetracked it was mentioned though.
  15. ilikecookies

    Cad Video

    Alright, in CAD we had to make these videos one thing led to an other and this video was made. Leave your thoughts on it and rate it a 5 since its so awesome.
  16. ilikecookies

    All Things Hockey

    Ohh going for 8 straight now? Looks like it might come to an end 0 - 0 end of 2 Wow I don't think its been talked about here but one of my favorite players Joe Sakic will be gone for 8 - 12 weeks.
  17. ilikecookies

    Im officially a Wii360 owner :)

    I'm a wii60 owner as well. if you add my brothers next gen systems we have pswii6060
  18. ilikecookies

    All Things Hockey

    Theres a hockey program at my school. It's called Hockey Skills grade 8 - 12 ( differt blocks for grades). You get to go on the ice, and go on a hockey treadmill and what not. The best thing about Hockey Skills is every year they take us to a Canucks game. This year instead of going to Vancouver...
  19. ilikecookies

    SMB3 Vs SMG (Difficulty Level)

    Please just make 1 thread don't make 3.
  20. ilikecookies

    "Mario Without His Cap" contest: Post your level here!

    I got the level 2 I was to lazy to take off marios hat I voted for a mii that also had a cap on and it made it to level 7!