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  1. bamblakopz

    new wii mote

    This is REALLY old news actually.... Like a year...
  2. bamblakopz

    You non believers (RE5 Wii)

    Well it's obviously not gonna be the same game... It would be a graphically toned down make for the Wii.... It;s not like they would take the same game and add Wii controls, they would have to start from the ground up using the RE:4 engine or something like that...
  3. bamblakopz


    My Wii started giving me black rain... Black lines flew down the screen like rain, it was odd... Didn't effect gameplay, but it was distracting... Got it fixed by Nintendo.
  4. bamblakopz

    You non believers (RE5 Wii)

    I see nothing... Fix the link if it's real, if not, stop hoping...
  5. bamblakopz

    What do you want included in Modern Warfare 2?

    The Game informer was great! It was filled with so many goodies! :D I am hoping for co-op VS AI online play that will effect your rankings... Like GRAW
  6. bamblakopz

    E3 2009 predictions

    Yea I know it's not out yet... I don't like MadWorld at all, Tenchu looks ok, don't like HOTD games, Rune Factory looks good, haven't played it, I LOVE Excitebike 64, I hate Excitetruck and Bots, PES 2009 got high ratings, Little Kings Story is fun... Some good games there, but to me, none of...
  7. bamblakopz

    Majora's Mask hits North America!

    Your from Belgium right? Isn't that part of the PAL region? PAL is basically Europe, check your Wii shop channel, it should be there! North America was the last to get it actually...
  8. bamblakopz

    E3 2009 predictions

    I beg to differ a bit... Since December, not many good games have been released... I personally think MadWorld is extremely overrated... The Conduit looks decent, I haven't yet given it a try... So yea, I haven't played the Wii much since December either, besides games that I rent and just...
  9. bamblakopz

    E3 2009 predictions

    Here is my prediction: Nintendo discuss sales information, the fact that more people 30 and over are playing games today then ever before, girls are playing more then ever before, etc. etc. etc... Then they will show a video of all the upcoming games that we know about... Then Iwata will...
  10. bamblakopz

    EU VC/Wiiware 15/May/2009

    The Pittfall game looks very solid... Swords and Soldiers, not my kinda game...
  11. bamblakopz

    Majora's Mask hits North America!

    The only Zelda game I never played, finally I can try it!!! I'm excited about this, I've been waiting to a LONG LONG time... :D
  12. bamblakopz

    VideoGameCountdown!!! (my youtube channel)

    Hey everyone, I've recently started a great channel on youtube dedicated to dissecting and ranking the Top 10 in video games. In this channel you will see everything form Top 10 NES games to the Top 10 Sidekicks in gaming to the Top 10 platformers, etc. etc. etc. Every time I add a new video...
  13. bamblakopz

    Best multiplayer game wii??!!

    Offline, Smash Bros Brawl and Mario Kart... I ALWAYS play those when my friends come over... Online: COD: WAW is supposedly decent, so is Medal of Honor Heroes... Mario Kart is actually good online, tournys and all.
  14. bamblakopz

    Rate the last movie you saw

    X-men Wolverine: 7.5/10 better then I thought it would be, but the story was not what I remember from the comics and stuff... Star Trek: 8.5/10 WAYYYY better then I thought it would be... The story is really odd but it doesn't mess with any future movies at all... Pretty good acting, very good...
  15. bamblakopz

    I'm back!!!!!

    Yea, I'm pretty sure no one remembers me, but I was really active for about 3 months over a year ago... I just felt like coming back onto this site again for some reason and I should be sorta active again. Looking forward to discussing stuff!
  16. bamblakopz

    SSBB Friend Codes

    I have only lost around 4 out of my 50 games with wiichat users...
  17. bamblakopz

    Smash Bros Site Discussion

    s.s. thats like the 5th time u disagreed with me... Not just this once... so I think u hate me... :D lol jk, (it has been like 5 times tho...)
  18. bamblakopz

    Lets not be fanboys and pick the top 5 games of this generation....

    LoZ:TP... I guess thats the ztwp thing
  19. bamblakopz

    Smash Bros Site Discussion

    Its nice when they add more assist trophies... I like unlocking them.