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  1. Wii_Dudeman

    360's motorstorm...

    how so its by colin mcrae and involves rally racing?
  2. Wii_Dudeman

    360's motorstorm...

    how is it like motorstorm? this from what is shown is a rally game where as motorstorm was like a baja-ish free for all.
  3. Wii_Dudeman

    connection problems

    yea ive got pokemon pearl, im workin on getting my fc right now ill pm it to you when i get it.
  4. Wii_Dudeman

    connection problems

    Figured it out, the transmission rate was set to auto but for some reason wasnt adjusting for the ds that uses a 1mbps transmission rate. i switched it over and now it works like a charm.
  5. Wii_Dudeman

    connection problems

    everything but the ds works fine.
  6. Wii_Dudeman

    connection problems

    I'm having trouble connecting my ds i just purchased to my wireless connection. It finds the access point but give me an error code 5200 cannot obtain ip address. Just some info my network is unsecured, and my wii connects to it without a problem. I searched and couldnt find anything, so im...
  7. Wii_Dudeman

    Death Note anime

    i just downloaded the first 25 episodes, but so far have only watched one. really cool show so far.
  8. Wii_Dudeman

    Average age for a person to...

    18 is the average age, when you go to college.
  9. Wii_Dudeman

    Why PS3 is Sony's greatest failure

    man am i glad the controller didn't end up like that.
  10. Wii_Dudeman

    Better Connection

    I would definitely recommend a linksys router, the wrt54g as mentioned above can be had in store usually for around 50 bucks. its a good basic router. as far as the 360 goes you'll need the wireless receiver, but other than that just the router and an internet connection.
  11. Wii_Dudeman

    what type of tv.....

    32" hdtv
  12. Wii_Dudeman

    Better Connection

    you can pay a monthly fee if you get a router from your ISP, but youre much better off just buying a wireless router.
  13. Wii_Dudeman

    Share Friend Codes Here

    ive added you, lemme know if im grey. last i checked you were still grey.
  14. Wii_Dudeman

    Better Connection

    he said he doesnt want to pay for it, so if im understanding right he doesnt want to get one from his ISP?
  15. Wii_Dudeman

    games that need to be known about

    Zelda:TP but be ready to have a lot of time taken up by it.
  16. Wii_Dudeman

    Xbox elite

    HDMI makes it worth it
  17. Wii_Dudeman

    Help with unlocking characters on Bleach Wii !!

    Bleach is an anime show, and this is a game based off of it. Premise for show seems interesting enough, but as i have not watched a lot of episodes and I'm not a fan of the show I really can't explain it properly. So I got these websites with some info for you. Info...
  18. Wii_Dudeman

    Better Connection

    what wireless router are you currently using? how far away from the router?is it going through multiple floors? what is your current signal now?
  19. Wii_Dudeman

    Zelda twilight princess Lake Hylia help

    two or three hits and itll float in the water, then you jump on it and hold the b trigger and youre done. and you posted this in the entirely wrong section, way to make a first impression.
  20. Wii_Dudeman

    Wired to Wireless?

    nah dont feel dumb, its my job to educate people about routers among many other things so i get that question a lot as its not really common knowledge yet.