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  1. cookiemonsta11111

    Aussie? Metroid Prime 3? Friend?

    WANTED Australian Friend to exchange all 15 friend tokens to unlock extras. Must be AUS resident and must have Metroid Prime 3 with 15 available Friend Tokens as well as having their Wii connected to the Net. P.S Only refer me to other threads if the user actually have Friend...
  2. cookiemonsta11111

    Mii Protection??

    Hey Kiddo's, I have read repeatadley in my Wii games about using Mii's whilst saving games (for identification purposes) however each time we are warned not to delete the Mii used as it will disrupt the file and possibly delete it. I have ALL of my games saved with the ID of the same Mii, if...
  3. cookiemonsta11111

    Top 15 Game Franchises

    Here is a list of the Top 15 Game Franchises post by theListUniverse URL (Pics included): Video games have been around for quite a while and have rapidly become one of the industrialized world’s greatest past times. Over the...
  4. cookiemonsta11111

    Screen Position-Glitches with VC Games (Pics)

    Hey Everyone, for a while now with differing VC games i seem to have some empty pixels that appear on the left side of the screen as seen in these pics. I believe this has something to do with my Screen Position Settings. Which are currently set to - 4, which makes the screen dead...
  5. cookiemonsta11111

    Stupidest Thing You Have Done.

    What is the stupidest thing you have ever done? Mine for example, occurred last year during class. One of my present best friends was sitting behind my with her friends and they were talking about their cultural back ground. And she says, "My Dad was Chinese." And you would never believe...
  6. cookiemonsta11111

    'No Clear Winner in this Console War'

    Thanks to GameSpot for this Article What do you guys think of the topics raised?
  7. cookiemonsta11111

    Imagine Halo 3 On The Wii!

    Just imagine if Halo 3 was released on the Wii, imagine the sales it would create. It would own major ass, and SONY would die and Bungie would be billionaires and i would be happy! My two great loves come together!! Wouldn't it be perfect!
  8. cookiemonsta11111

    Sell Me the XBox 360

    Ok i've played the 360 a couple of times at friends houses and stuff, but haven't really seen the full extent of the 360's capabillities. And i know as much about the 360 as the next guy so i want you to sell to me the 360, it's features and it's capabillities, prices, packs, etc.
  9. cookiemonsta11111

    Internet Commentator Business Meeting

    Hey i found this funny as video of a business meeting held in a forum like format, watch it, it is really funny. Embeded don't work soz, here's the URL FIRST!
  10. cookiemonsta11111

    Metroid on VC [Your Reviews]

    Hey Guys, About a week ago, Metroid was released onto the VC, and i currently have no Wii Points anyway, thats beside the point. Is Metroid worth it? What do you guys think of Metroid? What's the Gameplay like? What's the Password system like? EDIT: Probably should have noted that...
  11. cookiemonsta11111

    New iPod

    Hey Guys, I desperately need an iPod, but i don't wanna buy a Video, cos i think they are getting old. Does anyone know anything about a new iPod soon to be released?
  12. cookiemonsta11111

    RE4:WE Aussie Rip Off

    Days ago Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition was released in the US for the budget price of US$29.99, yet in a couple of days , on the 5th of July here in Australia RE4:WE is going to be released for AU$70.00. Although here is Oz AU$70 is a considered a budget price. Now those of us that actually...
  13. cookiemonsta11111

    Mario - The Hardest Level

    Hey i found this Vid, it's probably really old but it's realy funny. This guy amde this vid of the hardest Mario Level ever, you should listen to the commentary its really funny
  14. cookiemonsta11111

    VC Games that are Hard to play with a GameCube Controller

    OK like a month or so ago i bought a WaveBird (Wireless GameCube Controller) and foudn out that some VC Games were quite difficult to play with a GameCube Controller. I was really looking forward to Super Mario World but i heard that it was really hard to play with a GameCube Controller. So...
  15. cookiemonsta11111

    More Music In Games!

    More In Game mp3 Music Capabillities! I want more Games with In-Game .mp3 capabillties, even thought i haven't got Excite Truck and tried using my Sd Card, i think more games should have this feature. And maybe some day when the speaker on the Wii Mote possibly improves the sound may be able to...
  16. cookiemonsta11111

    Registering Phones?

    Hey, Whilst registering my Email address the other day i realised that when you choose to register a friend it says 'Wii' or 'Others' and you can see 'Others' has a pic of both a Computer which represents an Email address and a Phone. But when you choose Others you can only enter an Email...
  17. cookiemonsta11111

    Mii's back to Mii Parade

    Hey Everyone, Is there anyway to transfer Mii's back to the Mii Parade, cos my Mii Plaza is really busy and can't seperate the Mii's i have made to those of my Friends (other than the Blue pants) Please Help. I personnally don't think you can transfer 'em back but just asking :wink:
  18. cookiemonsta11111

    Wii DVD - Rumours

    I have heard rumours that later in 2007 Nintendo will release a Wii that can play DVD's. Those of you wondering if this problem can simply be solved by a simple Wii System Update, someone from Nintendo says that is can't be solved by a simple update. I personally think that everyone that...