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  1. Chompy

    Skylanders Swap Force Defense Dummies/'Shrooms

    Doesn't anyone discuss anything out here? It's like talking in a vacuum. I'm not coordinated to do it, but if you bounce between the defense dummies and the red 'shrooms in the garden off the Main Plaza in Woodborough, does anything happen? I've tried bouncing but I'm not coordinated enough...
  2. Chompy

    Skylanders Swap Force Tulips

    Does changing the color of the tulips just off the Main Plaza in Woodborough, right by the bouncing mushrooms and the defense dummies, have anything to do with acessing the rainbow road out to the island? I can't prove or disapprove that it does but I like to think it does.
  3. Chompy

    Error On Character; More Rare?

    I got the double mini pack of Skylanders Trap Team Hijinx and Eye Small. Eye Small has a red blood vessel-like stripe on the left side of his head. Neither figure has any red paint anywhere so an accident couldn't happen that way, while painting the red area. It does not seem to be random...
  4. Chompy

    Skylanders Trap Team

    Still hasn't come. Maybe I forgot to order it. Enkneeweigh, I ordered one and it should be here Monday (13).
  5. Chompy

    Lens Cleaner

    I got the Wii specific lens cleaner and it worked like a charm. Got quite a bit of blackish dust off and the freezing up of the discs has stopped. I am a happy camper.
  6. Chompy

    What are you listening to??

    Leo Sayer, "Just a Boy."
  7. Chompy

    Super Mario figure collection

    I'm getting quite the collection of Skylanders, I don't know how... (giggle) Am thinking Mario would be the next fun fixation to have a go at. Saw on TV - was it American Pickers? - some guy has a collection worth about $33,000. He's got a room stuffed full of Mario things.
  8. Chompy

    Skylanders Trap Team

    Tomorrow I'm supposed to get my new Skylanders Trap Team. I guess they went on sale this AM at 12:00 midnight in some stores, others opening early at 8:00 AM. I hope it's as good as Giants and better than Swap Force. I've not really gotten any new creatures for it going with what I have...
  9. Chompy

    At The End

    Well, at the Final Chapter of Giants. Not near done; I've gotten two stars on quite a few chapters, but not all. I don't even intend to try and get all three because there is no way I can get through a chapter in like 5 minutes! I'm too old for that. LOL! I've been playing like 10 hours a...
  10. Chompy

    Glad to be here !!

    I get the biggest kick outa all of us saying, "I grew up with...". I'm the first generation to be able to say that. (with a big grin and patting self on back) And all of us tend to like what we grew up with. Don't know about you guys, but makes me feel old and nostalgic. (sigh)
  11. Chompy

    Miscellaneous Wii Games

    That's a bummer to hear, Mr. King. I hope Super Mario doesn't go that route. Really, ANY other Marios. They're fun! Except for Galaxy...
  12. Chompy

    Post Gate

    Thanks one and all! I figured it out. Chompy
  13. Chompy

    Miscellaneous Wii Games

    Your English is just fine, Nevzat. I talk funny and sometimes don't put every single word in a sentence that maybe should go in the sentence. I've been told I "write like a poet," which may not be good. LOL!
  14. Chompy

    Miscellaneous Wii Games

    Certainly, Nevzat! I have had motion sickness when taking a Puffin cruise (a cruise going out in the Atlantic Ocean looking for Puffins) but not when crossing the English Channel. It is said that everyone gets motion sick when crossing the English Channel as it is very bumpy and the boat is...
  15. Chompy

    Miscellaneous Wii Games

    This motion sickness, as much as I dislike it, peaks my interest as it's a game! Not a moving car or boat. I was fine crossing the English Channel, notorious for making people sea sick. But I got sick as a dog up off ME/MA going on a Puffin cruise! When Wolfenstein first came out, that made...
  16. Chompy

    Glad to be here !!

    Nevzat, I don't know of any mystery games (yet) for the Wii. I've a couple Nancy Drews - doubt you'd be interested in her - for my PC. They're pretty good. But then I have to play in here and I like playing with my Wii better because I can get comfy in the living room on the couch and have a...
  17. Chompy

    Miscellaneous Wii Games

    Also, being a BTTF fan, I was VERY disappointed in the Wii game. I didn't like how I had to pick what it was they were going to say. I was very disappointed. I didn't like it that much either. I'll have to try it some more to be truly fair because I really like adventure games. I think...
  18. Chompy

    Glad to be here !!

    I admire your honesty, Nevzat. Good for you! An honest person! I like Super Mario Bros and Sonic, but Super Mario Galaxy makes me ssssssoooo sick to my stomach. Write it off to old age and my inner ear prolly chrystalized solid. I also play for hour and hours and HOURS, Skylanders. I have...
  19. Chompy

    Miscellaneous Wii Games

    Yes. Super Mario Brothers I have and just love. I can't get past level 2, usually I don't get out of level 1 yet without dying some. But I like it. And my Skylanders don't make me sick. I really like Super Mario Galaxy and am very disappointed it turns my stomach upside down. For just...
  20. Chompy

    Miscellaneous Wii Games

    Oh, I like it enuff. I've not played it since - it made me ssssssooooo headachey and queasy. Of course I'll try it again (and again and again and again) hoping I get used to it. But just thinking about it makes me headachey and queasy. Ick. I can almost urp at "... therefore I bloody loved it."