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  1. Chompy

    Skylanders Swap Force Defense Dummies/'Shrooms

    Doesn't anyone discuss anything out here? It's like talking in a vacuum. I'm not coordinated to do it, but if you bounce between the defense dummies and the red 'shrooms in the garden off the Main Plaza in Woodborough, does anything happen? I've tried bouncing but I'm not coordinated enough...
  2. Chompy

    Skylanders Swap Force Tulips

    Does changing the color of the tulips just off the Main Plaza in Woodborough, right by the bouncing mushrooms and the defense dummies, have anything to do with acessing the rainbow road out to the island? I can't prove or disapprove that it does but I like to think it does.
  3. Chompy

    Error On Character; More Rare?

    I got the double mini pack of Skylanders Trap Team Hijinx and Eye Small. Eye Small has a red blood vessel-like stripe on the left side of his head. Neither figure has any red paint anywhere so an accident couldn't happen that way, while painting the red area. It does not seem to be random...
  4. Chompy

    Skylanders Trap Team

    Tomorrow I'm supposed to get my new Skylanders Trap Team. I guess they went on sale this AM at 12:00 midnight in some stores, others opening early at 8:00 AM. I hope it's as good as Giants and better than Swap Force. I've not really gotten any new creatures for it going with what I have...
  5. Chompy

    At The End

    Well, at the Final Chapter of Giants. Not near done; I've gotten two stars on quite a few chapters, but not all. I don't even intend to try and get all three because there is no way I can get through a chapter in like 5 minutes! I'm too old for that. LOL! I've been playing like 10 hours a...
  6. Chompy

    Lens Cleaner

    In getting a lens cleaner, do I *have* to get an expensive Wii lens cleaner or will a ten buck lens cleaner work just as well? Thanks!!!!
  7. Chompy

    Getting a Wii U

    :wii-green:Everyone... WHY should I go to the trouble and expense to get a Wii U? Will my old Wii games work on it? And what's that little screen like Gameboy thingy? Just something to jack up the price, no doubt. I've only had my Wii a year. I think the U's were just coming out then. Or...
  8. Chompy


    I don't know if I can play SMG. O. M. G. I'm so sick to my stomach! I don't know I can handle all the different perspectives you get in that game. It's like motion sickness. I'm used to my world the way Newton made it - the apple falls DOWN. And if that chubby stupid little star tells me...
  9. Chompy

    Infinity Toy Story

    I have bugs or something in my Toy Story. The background will go green and when you get to the place the Mission Givers are supposed to be (the arrow disappears) there's nobody there. :rolleyes5: Which kind'a puts an end to THAT mission. You can't move on. So far it was just on Jessie so...
  10. Chompy

    Post Gate

    There's a post gate just to the left as you come off the Windy Work Site. I can't see if there's anything in there. There is no way to open it: a giant won't a little 'Lander won't. No bombs around. What's that gate for and what's in it, if anything? I forgot to say this is Story/Chapter 1...
  11. Chompy

    Miscellaneous Wii Games

    I find I'm gravatating towards the Disney/Disney-Pixar games. Not like Cinderella or Beauty and The Beast like I grew up with, but the 'newer generation of fairy tales,' Up, Wall-E, Ratatouille (have no idea if these games are any good or not), Cars, etc. I like the animation and thoroughly...
  12. Chompy

    My Guys Getting Pooped Out and Too Tired to Work

    Finally figured out my problem and how to fix it. :rolleyes5: :idea: It [for the first time] happened in Chapter Three. Oh, gosh! Where in Chapter Three? I think in Muddy Marsh Village... Well, anyway, these little minions were snapping at ankles and smacking the Skylanders with what...
  13. Chompy

    Small vs. Large

    Is it just me and I'm imagining things, or are my giants more robust and able to do more than my smaller 'Landers? It seems I always go to my bigger guys as they are more able to shoot/kill/main/blow up and for longer than the small guys. Is this the way it is or does it just seem that way to...
  14. Chompy

    Tired and Worn Out Skylanders

    Well, for me, I see why collecting the Skylanders is important. I'm just getting started in this game and with my collection (though it's growing by leaps and bounds! :rolleyes1:). I've got three wiped out fell'as: my only Mechanical and he's a Giant; my only Undead, little Cnyders; and my...
  15. Chompy

    Luigi's Mansion

    Will Luigi's Mansion becoming to a Wii near me in the future?:greenshell:
  16. Chompy

    Hi, From St. Paul, MN, USA

    Hi, all! Fifty-eight, soon to be fifty-nine, year-old woman who loves her Wii. My favs are Mario, Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Have just ordered Toy Story along with Woody. And 12 new Skylanders. Am debating if I should pre-order Skylanders Trap Team or to just wait. And should I also...