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  1. drroett

    My Super Smash Brothers Brawl Character List:

    The second one actually looks pretty good to me. All it needs is TP Link and I would take out one of the legendary pokermons for Meowth. That was a nice addition to the other screens if I remember he was pretty mainstream in the show. I especially like Andy and some of the golden sun characters.
  2. drroett

    Tetris Tourney

    You can still get in on this one if you want I should have some sort of bracket up on monday, let me know. :D
  3. drroett

    Adding On To SPM (Minor Spoilers)

    Agreed. On some bosses when I didn't damage them just by jumping on them I simply used three of my attack items and they died. :(
  4. drroett

    What games do you want to see on Wii?

    Master Blaster sequel. Plz.
  5. drroett

    Pit of 100 Trials

    I just got to floor 50 but had to quit for the night. FYI there's a guy after the door in each tenth floor that will sell you items. IE. Life Shrooms.
  6. drroett

    Posts: 300,000+

    Nah dude, your fine, always helpful from what I've seen.
  7. drroett

    Favorite NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, GB, GBA, DS

    NES: Master Blaster SNES: Super Mario RPG N64: Jet Force Gemini GBA: Advance Wars / Golden Sun GC: X-Men Next Dimension DS: Metroid Prime: Hunters Wii: TP
  8. drroett

    How Old Are All The Wii Owners in Here

    21 Im old. :(
  9. drroett

    If you need help come here

    EDIT - I figured it out, ignore.
  10. drroett

    Blizzard Games

    Zomg, Starcraft 2 for Wii plz, kthxbai.
  11. drroett

    Do you play SPM everyday or play when bored???

    Lol, was it needed to ask this when in the Super Paper Mario Sub-Forum? Anyway. I think it's too early to ask a type of question like that. I mean people have only had the game for at most 4-5 days.
  12. drroett

    If you need help come here

    I just re-read what he says. Wow I'm dumb, chapter 3-ing.
  13. drroett

    How good is Super Paper Mario?

    My only complaint is the constant dialog but I think once I get all the characters it will slow down. I hope... I missed out on 1,000 year door (picked it up for 20 bucks at wal-mart today though) but I don't remember so much talking in Paper Mario 1.
  14. drroett

    If you need help come here

    I have completed chapter two, and done the little Luigi castle story. When I walk around fliptown (name can't remember) Merlin tells me about a man wearing all green. I assume this is Luigi but I can't seem to find him like I did peach. Any suggestions (I found the heard tower to the third...
  15. drroett

    What chapter is everyone in?

    I'm at the end of chapter 1. Havent had time to play much, stupid exams, but tomorrow, oh tomorrow.
  16. drroett

    Tetris Tourney

    Prize Picture, last chance sign up while you can.
  17. drroett

    What is the Wii's graphic potential? A little disappointed so far

    It has a great potential. It's clearly not as great as the 360 or the PS3. But we have to remember most of the games we are seeing now were originally made for the GC and ported to the Wii. I'm sure we'll see some stellar graphics meanwhile the 360 and PS3's will get even better but the Wiis...
  18. drroett

    Moderator of the Site PLZ READ THIS

    They gave a link to their 7th episode I believe. And it was really good. I personally enjoy both the podcasts, they are definitely for people with different senses of humor and gaming, it wouldn't hurt to include both.
  19. drroett

    Slogan game

    Nationwide "That's _____ Stand!"
  20. drroett

    is it me?

    But what you don't understand is that no one will respect you or answer the questions if you can not follow a simple set of rules. You have definitly lost my respect. A.) By not even attempting to read the rules after they are provided to you. and B.) By flat our lieing. If that link was in...