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    Prince of Persia Character Elimination

    Yay! Another Elimination game. These games seem so popular, why not more? Heres one with the characters from the PoP series. Here are the rules: RULES: - You may NOT post more than once a day. - Characters' health may NOT rise above 30. - Every post, repost all characters' names and HP...
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    SSB Character Elimination

    Falco barely beat Link in the last thread and FR. gave the final blow to Link. This is a new thread so that people who came in early can save the characters they like. I'll add the newer characters when they are revealed. The same rules apply: RULES: - You may NOT post more than once a day. -...
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    Pokémon Ideas

    We all have our own thoughts to how a pokémon should look like. Here you can post your thoughts you've had while playing Pokémon. You can post the name/appearence/moves/type on here. My thought would be like Thardus from MP. He would be rock obviously. I haven't really thought of a name...
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    Final Fantasy Character Elimination

    I don't know if you guys are annoyed by CE games, but I personally have fun with them. So heres a non-Nintendo CE game starring list of FF7 characters: Here are the rules just in case you're new or need a reminder: - You may NOT post more than once a day (i.e. you can post on Monday, but...
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    Slight Rant *Spoilers*

    I don't know about you guys, but I kinda miss the fact that in OoT, Link was a stud. Malon, Zelda, Ruto, Naburoo, Saria all had the hots for him. Its a bummer they dont have Midna, Zelda, and the farm girl (forgot her name) after him. The little girl Beth thought he was so manly. But he hardly...
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    PacMan Joke

    Very funny PacMan Joke: :lol::lol::lol:
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    Character Name Game

    Since I like playing games on here, here is another fun-ish game.:p Pretty simple:The directions are: someone posts a game character's name.(eg. Kirby) The next person who posts a character has to begin with the last letter I used. (In this case, Y). So they could do Young link. And put "(the...
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    Kotaku Guy Tries to Buy Bully for the PS2

    This is a great story. I laughed a lot.:lol:
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    Subs or Dubs

    This has been a small conflict with Otakus everywhere. (If one at all). Do you like japanese language with subtitles? Or do you prefer your first language (most of us would be english) dubbing the anime? I'll post my opinion if this thread is at all popular.:yesnod:
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    True Nintendo Fanboys wear this

    Some very cool t-shirts from My favorite is the Skull and Crossmotes t-shirt:yesnod::thumbsup:
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    Random Comics

    i thought i would share this comic with you. i noticed the game he is playing is SMB:lol: from more to come later
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    Blind kid recieves the first Wii

    If you wanted to be the first person to play the Wii, too bad. This kid beat you to it.
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    Thank you Nintendo for the touch screen

    Last Sunday I went to an area for some futbol (soccer) games and fractured my arm. I thought all hope was lost for playing any video games because I can't use my left hand. But lo and behold, I remembered my DS can be played with one hand. Now I can continue playing AC:WW :D (I still need people...
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    Aminal-I mean Animal Crossing Favorites

    What are your favorite patterns, fish, insects, paintings, fossils, neighbor, or thing to do in Animal Crossing? (GCN or DS)
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    Legend of Zelda Character Elimination

    I got this game from another thread and thought it might be fun. The point of the game is to kill off your least favorite characters and try to save your favorite one. Here's how it works: Each character is given 25 HP. To hurt a character, for example Impa, simply say "Hurt Impa" and 3 HP...
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    The day of one's birth

    According to the list of today's birthdays, today is i0n's birthday. Happy Birthday! Good luck being 24:D
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    The History of Nintendo Essay

    Here is my essay that I wrote for English about the history of Nintendo: The History of Nintendo By Alex Kelley The History of Nintendo Nintendo is the longest running gaming company in the world. It started making cards in Japan and is now one of the largest...
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    Star Fox Command

    This looks like a pretty good game. I'm thinking about getting it.:)
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    Wind Waker Quilt

    Source I wish I had a LoZ quilt:(....
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    I Give you...

    Some guy in a NES controller costume: Cosplaying is fun, but I don't think it would be fun for me to do hardware. Even if it is Nintendo.