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    my religion is you

    ---// Okay so let's get started. ---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__ ---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__---// \\__...
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    Homework Help Thread ;D

    Okay, so I think this thread died in the crash and I could really use it right now. Uhmm, here's my question: Two small loudspeakers, A and B, are driven by the same amplifier (X) and emit pure sinusoidal waves in phase, The speakers are 3.00m from each other and point P is 4.00m from a line...
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    What to say to your suicidal friend...

    What the hell am I supposed to say?! He keeps talking about it, I'm on the phone right now to him. He's hysterical, probably drunk and I'm so stuck.
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    GTA:IV Boxart Revealed

    It looks great, I think. Rockstar announced the boxart recently with this great video: They also announced a new trailer called "Move up, ladies" which is scheduled to be dropped on the sixth of December. Sorry if this has already been...
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    Chingling evolution?

    I really need help evolving my Chingling. It's level 24. You need to make it happy at night to make it evolve. Everything I've tried hasn't worked. Please help. Thanks in advance.
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    Hi, I'm going to Houston (Texas) for a week as part of the Young Astronauts Australia Engineering School, staying at NASA's Johnson Space Centre. We spend some time just wandering around Houston, which brings me to the point of this thread: Is anyone here from Houston? Has anyone here been...
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    What was your first console game?

    Mine was Pokémon Snap. God I love that game. I still play it, for the memories.
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