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  1. FloYdian

    mario kart8 29.99 sears sale black friday
  2. FloYdian

    xenoblade creator want to put xeno saga trilogy on wiiU.

    if you like the xeno gears games and want them in an HD collection make your voice heard! Read the proof! Like the Facebook page...
  3. FloYdian

    Bayonetta 2 - are you buying?

    already released in japan month everywhere else. does this game catch your eye? bayonetta1 is included nintendo costumes for both games....720p 60fps for both games. what say you?
  4. FloYdian

    Capcom 60% off sale on wiiU eshop

    if youve been holding back to get that monster hunter or ducktales, mega man,street fighter...whatever. grab it now :)
  5. FloYdian

    Mario Kart 8: first patch coming in august 27

    map display on the TV screen 3 free Mercedes-Benz karts: GLA, W25 Silver Arrow, 300 SL Roadster records screen w/ total coins, online win-loss record, character selection rates, etc. improved online stability default menu selection following GP changing to next race last used kart customization...
  6. FloYdian

    i made a video making fun of the ps vita

    check it out.. Removed, be nice now
  7. FloYdian

    Mariokart 8 sells 2 Million already...

    well seems this game is the hit nintendo have been waiting for..... how many copies will it sell over the course of the wiiUs lifetime?
  8. FloYdian

    shovel knight on wiiU/3DS/PC out today

    this game might be skipping xbox and playstation... but if you have a nintendo system or PC then problem solved. its a bit expensive at 15$.... here is a review
  9. FloYdian

    did nintendo win e3 2014?

    here is a troll video
  10. FloYdian

    melee with wavedashing,mk ds with snaking, now mk8 fire hopping if you do little jump while using youre boost it extends the boost period. what do you think? cool? let me try that? or patch this now nintendo?
  11. FloYdian

    Lttle Dew wiiU indie game out today

    lets not overlook this indie game in the wake of mario kart. this zelda inspired game is sure to scratch your gamming itch. 10$ on the eshop
  12. FloYdian

    Mario Kart 8 reviews

    so...the reviews are flooding in. this game has a 8.9 on metacritic....while watchdogs is almost at 7.9 post your favorite reviews of this game. this is mine..da ranting robots
  13. FloYdian

    some nintendo wii games still playable after may 20 server shut down...

    call of duty reflex and mw3 and probably the other are all playable still... the shutdown seems to only affect 1st party games.
  14. FloYdian

    mario kart 8 walmart preorder bonus...
  15. FloYdian

    stick it to the man, child of light hit wiiU eshop

    both great games... stick it to the man child of ubisoft get some good playtime before mario kart 8 drops.
  16. FloYdian

    Mario Kart 8 nintendo direct 4/30/14...voice chat confirmed!
  17. FloYdian

    get a wiiU mario & luigi U bundle Target $50 gift card

    from now to april 12th... categories_2
  18. FloYdian

    Mario Kart 8 info blowout!

    blue shell is nerfed.. check out the video at the 2min mark....he gets hit and it doesnt completetly stop him.: ------------- gamepad features vid..: ------------------ at the 33sec mark of this...
  19. FloYdian

    wiifit U balance board + meter bundle Sale $54 walmart..
  20. FloYdian

    tons of gameboy advance games coming april WiiU!

    April 3: Advance Wars gba (Wii U, $7.99): Command air, ground and naval forces in strategic turn-based battles to drive back the vibrant armies of several scheming generals. Order troops carefully, then watch as tanks obliterate enemies and jets go head-to-head in midair dogfights. Can you...