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  1. Kai

    puting music on my psp. help please.

    i got my psp in late semptember (used), but i got a 2 gig memory card a few days ago, so any way im trying to put music on it but i cant figure out how to put music on it. i have windows media player but that dosent seem to work. can any one help?
  2. Kai

    guess who

    this is how it works, i will show you a picture of a character, it will be fogged up or just a really close up veiw, that way you cant quite tell who it is...unless you look very closly, then the next person will guess who the character is. if they get it right, they post the next character, and...
  3. Kai

    Youtube Videos

    i hope this isnt against the rules. its simple: post your favorite you tube videos. heres mine: i hope you guys enjoy:)
  4. Kai

    Zelda Sig Competition

    post you images that are related to zelda, the images will be scored on Dec. 31 RULES: 1) Should be related to Zelda or the Zelda franchise 2) No profanity in the images. 3) All images that do not comply will be disqualified. All images entered in this contest have a risk of getting...
  5. Kai

    who is a better character

    ok, so we have 3 choices: Link, Mario, or Sonic the hedgehog. if they were to go against each other who do you think would win? just post who your faveorite character is.
  6. Kai

    wallpapers ratings

    if you have a good wallpaper for you psp or somthing put them in here, the next poster will then rate it on how much they like it. pretty much like the rate the sig thread. heres an example 8.5/10
  7. Kai

    come here. talk about anything.

    ok, so, i was thinking, people always talk about thing that have nothing to do with the thread they are in, well i thought that it would be cool to have a thread where you can talk about anything you want, so here it is.