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    Yeah pretty good actually. Just been enjoying a bit of a break from the usual study grind. How...

    Yeah pretty good actually. Just been enjoying a bit of a break from the usual study grind. How have you been?
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    Wii in Australia thread

    Wow, new look forum. I know I'm a little late to weigh in on the Ashes discussion, but I can't believe we didn't play Hauritz on a pitch like that. Look at the success of Marcus North, and imagine what a fully fledged off spinner would have been able to do.
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    Happy Easter :D

    I went on a road trip down the south coast of Western Australia over the Easter break. :)
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    wii freaks: wth

    If you're having problems with particular members send me a PM or use the report post button as Prinny mentioned.
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    Hey I'm new.

    Hey Brawl, welcome to the forum! Always nice to have another Aussie around. :)
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    Wii in Australia thread

    I disagree with your numerical figure. Even if it was that high, that cost would still be surpassed by having to go through each hand out on an individual basis. Plus it would take much longer to distribute the money which would contradict the theory behind the hand outs in stimulating the...
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    Wii in Australia thread

    There were only a small number of cases like that. It would cost far more in administrative costs if every case was looked at individually!
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    Wii in Australia thread

    Putting your stimulus money to good use I see?
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    Mario Kart Wii Tourny 1.0 sign ups- [April 4-9th]

    I think the rest of the participants in the race would catch on if one of the other racers is exploiting glitches or hacking. I would join but I am going on holiday over Easter.
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    Wii in Australia thread

    What a good afternoon of footy. The Eagles belting a full strength Port by 50 points! :D :D :D I still do play my Wii a bit, but Uni is really stealing all my time at the moment. I'm looking forward to Little King's Story and Wii Motion Plus.
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    Wii in Australia thread

    Well I have one week more week of Uni until mid-semester break, which I'm really looking forward to. Going down south to Dunsborough, should be great. For some reason Spain has never really been high on my list of places I want to visit. Family trip Dave?
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    No Wii Sports Resort at GDC?? What Gives !!!

    That would kick some serious ass.
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    Heya everybody! My name is matt and I'm a space ninja zombie :)

    All the better now that you've signed up! Welcome to the forums Matt. :)
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    Can't Edit My Details

    Welcome to the forum, yeah it is a bug. Here is how you work around it:
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    Wii in Australia thread

    Well I'm watching the Eagles at the moment in the superior footy code. It's a promising start to the season for us. :D
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    Wii in Australia thread

    Not sure if you all know [or care] but Wii update 4.0 is now out for Australia. It allows you to effectively play VC or Wiiware games off an SD card. There's no need to move everything around any more. So you don't have to worry about only having 512 MB storage, you can have as much as you want.
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    Wii 4.0 is OUT!

    About time I say, it's nice to finally be able to rest easily about Wii memory. Much more convenient for playing Wiiware and VC games.
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    Haha, it must be your fault for temporarily leaving then! ;)

    Haha, it must be your fault for temporarily leaving then! ;)
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    Mario Kart controller?

    No you can just use the Wii Remote by itself if you want. The "controller" that comes with it is merely a plastic shell which [IMO] doesn't add to much to the experience. It does feel a little more comfortable in my hands to the standard Wii Remote, but still nothing beats the Gamecube controllers.
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    What Video Game Character are You?

    Haha was not expecting this: I like to be in control of myself. I dislike crowds, especially crowds containing people trying to kill me. Even though I always win, I prefer to avoid fights if possible.