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    Does heavy hitter work on the strata

    I hav a strata and I was wondering if HH worked on the strata because its full on damage and any way I wanna change my loadout for it!!! Mine is now: Strata kunaru Hi cap mag Reactive armour Bio booster ACOG scope Tell me wat u think is the best loadout plz!!!
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    Monster hunter GUN GROUP!!!

    Hey guys,I'm looking for a good group of gunners on monster 3.There r rarly any in the game. My online name is Sam and my ID is QI555K I think, lets group together and shoot some monsters I'm HR 17 and unfortunatly still gota kill that stupid lagigarus in story.:yesnod::yesnod::yesnod:
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    Goldeneye friend codes!!!

    Hi i need more people who play online alot,swap FC here and pm me if u wanna swap FC :) :) :)My FC is 2165 0775 9392I'm lvl 34