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    SSBB friend codes!

    any body want to have a brawl. my FC:0045 4557 4014 (lol its a phone number dont mind that) im on any day after 12 pm I will post when I am on I am on now. ...........I hope this works...... YOU CAN JOIN MY BRAWL GROUP TOO JUST ASK.
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    Mario Kart 3DS ideas

    they have annoced a new mario kart for the 3ds is there anything you want back and any thing new you want. personaly I hope the babys leave there some really pesky brats. I want a retro cup to have mushroom city wario coluseeum koopa cape and baby park. another with yoshi valley dk summit...
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    weird findings!

    has any one found something weird in there life. I found a ds covered in soda on in a garbage can.
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    been brawling for days...........

    I have brawled ever since 2009 and I was hoping to have some friends online that can play! I already know no one will bother with me cuz im a nobody but hey im just giving it a shoot you know. heres my fake brawling licenses...
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    I miss GBA!

    I would have been great if nintendo put gameboy advance games on the 3ds. the GBA was my first game system next to the gamecube. I would get a nostalgia falcon punch if the 3ds did I dont like my 3ds anymore!
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    incredable glicth!

    today I was online in raindow road race in first a blue shell hits me and a guy comes speeding behined me! I see a star and go for it but he does too!we collide at the same time and poof we both get the star and he rams off the edge! It was a wierd expirence.
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    feeling cheap in races?

    every time I work my way to 1st I get sucker punched to 5th with a bule spiney shell and awalys screws up when im 5 feet from the finish line! STUIPED BLUE SHELL!
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    brawl character line up.

    whats your line up of characters well minees.... 5.wario 4.lucas 3.falco 2. pikachu 1. you already know this one.
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    How did you beat it?

    how many players did you beat the new super mario bros game with game with? I beat it with 3.
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    How many shortcuts do you know in mario kart wii? I know 27 shortcuts