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    007 Embassy [E7]: GoldenEye 007

    Welcome to the E7 thread. If you are looking for a fun clan with active members then you have come to the right place. Also if you have your own clan and are looking for a war, post in this section or post something about it here.Joining: (Sorry as of right now we are not looking for any...
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    Black Box Game Mode Discussion

    I saw that there was a 'Team Conflict Mode Dicussion', but not any of the other modes. I have been waiting for a while for the person to create the other ones, but he never did. So, I thought I'd create this one as this mode is my favorite. What's everyone's favorite part in this mode? Which...
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    Post your most numbered accolade from each category. Life & Death Accolade Weapon Accolade Game Mode Accolade Miscellaneous Accolade Here's mine, I look forward to seeing yours! :) Life & Death Accolade: Eliminator (x368) (Eliminated entire enemy team) Weapon Accolade: COB Master (x228)...
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    What's your favorite multiplayer mode & map?

    Hi! I'm new to this forum. :) So, as the title states, what's your favorite mode and map of GE007? I think for me, it's GoldenEye & Black Box. Jungle and Archives are my favorite maps. :) How about you?