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    guys guess what i know when wii2 comes out

    yeah i really do my dad is working in a company called splash power that work in wireless charging and he was talking to nintendo reps today and they were really intrested and wanted to use it and they said might use it in the next generation of wii that comes out in 2009
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    something happened to me the other day

    well 3 days ago i was in a car crash and it was quite intresting how it happened (im ok btw just a few cuts and scrapes and a brused neck) so i was in the passenger seat of my dads jaguar and he kinda slipped on to the edge of the road an was actually going off the road which was a two way...
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    in your opinon for manga drawers whats the best program for colouring

    as the title says i need to know because i have same manga strips i have done and i want to colour it in using the computer as it would be better than me doing it myself (im terrible at colouring:scared:) also it would help for manga drawers to get a chance to post it on the anime lounge so...
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    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 tournement thread

    well this thread is going to contain 2 tournements (for just now there will be more) COM VS COM as most of you guys are in america or england and wont be able to reach the moon :rolleyes: if they are good enough i will put them on youtube for all of you to enjoy if not ill show give you the...
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    besides graphics what attacts you to buying the ps3

    just as the title says this is for serious plp
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    wtf lol oh well freeloader doesnt work on wii

    ive had a ar freeloader for a while bought a few games gc from america got it cheap i tryed it so i could play star fox assault to play with my friend it didnt work i had to crack out the gamecube :out: huh
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    anybody seen air gear here?

    just as it says on the tin
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    i have vc problems

    i have this problem where when i turn on the shopping channel it connects but it is still loading on the please wait bit ive tryed for 15 mins it doesnt connect so i had to turn it off at the mains (plug)
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    you know what we need a bump button

    i saw this on an other forum see you have this button this button can be used once a day 1.if some types "bump" or anything to put the thread to the top they will get a one day posting ban 2. stops plp from getting theyre posts up easily as well
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    DBZ BT2 - the super ghost kamakazi attack

    hey guys i have one question is there a the super ghost kamakazi attack in dbz :confused: if not why did you think they axed it , it was a great move
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    ho do you connect the wii to you vip account?

    well how do you just got my vip account so how do you get it registered
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    *major spoiler* anybody dissapointed with the ending +more

    just as it says on the tin and one thing we didnt see what happens to him after his eyes go white all the attention goes to minda as she turns back to her original form and shattered the twlight mirror. at least in oot we see him sealed:mad5: . but i say the most annoying bit is when once the...
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    hmm got thdhj cheats

    hi guys got any tony hawk cheat codes
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    *spoiler* sky temple howling stone

    um i kinda need help i got every skill except the last one i need to know where excatly the howling stone is
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    need help in lake hylia

    yep im stuck i really need help you know the bit where just you see the zoras frozen i need to go next also i see the howling statue across the empty lake at the water ride place how do you get there
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    THE OFFICAL TP GUIDE (needed of help)

    hmmmmmmmm:idea: i think its is time for a guide for you gamers that are stuck in the game and need a little help so you guys that have finished the game post here i myself wont be looking till im stuck in zelda whe i get it so wise gamers impart with your knowlegde;)
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    the decoding game

    heres the rules i make the a code the first person that posts the correct answer first gets a point but i will warn you sometimes may be speaking in french every 5 points sombody makes the next code ok heres the first its quite easy uoy rae ginylap eth emag
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    dear ion plz make a walk through part of this forum so that there wont be so much unneed post about tp ect use this part of the forum to make the walkthrough for and put them in sections so that if some one gets stuck and doesnt understand the text the writer can help plz do this i0n
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    errors and malfunctions

    yo iOn im getting fed up of plp saying errors on different thread the forums so could you plz make this a sticky where plp can complain about errors on the wii and malfunctions about your wii to get it out of your system
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    sonys worst nightmare

    source IGN: Japan Lines up For Wii