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    Mac users creating a wifi network??

    Wow! thanks a shed load! saved me a lot of money there :D was a piece of piss i gotta say but hell im too dumb to figure something like that out, thanks lots lots lots lots lots lots and lots!!!!! ta, Tim
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    Mac users creating a wifi network??

    lol:P bit of a crap hole i think :P wanna move to devon constant holiday :P cheers, Tim
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    The Future of Wii Online Gaming in Question

    i think they need better online games for the wii, i mean pokemon and sports games really dont do it for me....a fps online would be good or a sword fighter like soul caliber legends? cheers, Tim
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    The Official iPod Thread!

    *fanboy of apple here* i love my i pod just i hate paying for stuff, i love my mac...just hate paying for stuff....i love apple, its just so cool :D cheers, Tim also hate itunes if that helps
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    Non-Nintendo brand Usb?

    well, yeah any brand should work so long as you set it up right, but if you just get a long ethernet lead for real cheap, just get the lan adapter then you know itll work for sure instead of wasting money :) cheers, Tim
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    Did Anyone Play this Game ?

    erm i have shed loads of music i downloaded....been meaning to buy the ones i liked...havnt got round to it yet....;) and roms....hmmm well they shouldnt be so easy to get ;) cheers, Tim
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    Lawyer crashes real car playing Playstation

    lol only in america eh ;) haha jokes :P awsome story though made me chuckle :P cheers, Tim
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    WiiMote - Is It Really Revolutionary?

    good point man, i mean look at the eye toy on ps2 (crap i know but you know same concept just you are actually on the TV). Another good thing to point out is that the ps3 has that 6 axis im guessing since i'm not rich enough to get one, its movement sensored? sorta like the wii if...
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    MMORPG Time

    i think you have a good idea, you should join nintendo man! but one thing that could prove dificult is latency...i mean im an ex WoW player myself (i actually got a life(no offence meant just a joke ;) ) )and i noticed that the other house mates downloading messed up my latency big time! and im...
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    Mac users creating a wifi network??

    hey, wondering if any mac user has created a wifi accesspoint with their mac, and used it as an access point for the wii (and worked to connect to the internet). I basically need to know the settings and how to actually get the damn internet working from my wire, broadcasting to my wii...hope...
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    The Complete Guide To Wiimote Problems

    somethin i need to know aswell is how can i get my wii connected to my mac for internet play? (over Wifi) Tim
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    The Complete Guide To Wiimote Problems

    btw, where would be the best position for the sensor bar?? (something to fill in the tutorial ;) ) i have mine below and some times it goes crazy :S cheers, Tim
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    so does any adapter work?

    yeah im trying it but it seems to not want to work for some reason :S any help?? Tim
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    so does any adapter work?

    Whoo Thanks Man You Rock!!!!!!!!!!
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    so does any adapter work?

    BTW, can you set up your Airport from your mac to act as a host for the wii? need clever people to tell me exactly how if you can :P cheers, Tim
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    so does any adapter work?

    yeah they do, finaly got mine haha been playin red steel, its damn hard to pick up but im sorta gettin the hang of it :P and thanks for that but i tried my adapter and it didnt work, any sites (in the uk) that will have the wii adapter for fairly cheap?? cheers, Tim:thumbsup:
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    Why did nintendo only supply so many?

    hey, i was just wondering is there any reason why nintendo only baught so many of these to the uk? i mean did they not know what a great hit it was going to be? or is it that they cut corners? thanks Tim
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    so does any adapter work? this is the link to the adapter i baught, and damn i just wasted my money :( also woolworthes said my wii would be in today or yesterday but now they are saying itll be in in a few days! god they take the piss! lol just...
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    Faulty Wii? Hardware issues?

    this worked with my gamecube and my dreamcast, just stopped because of the power turning off and on, now i got em back out after a few months and they works fine tim
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    so does any adapter work?

    hey, i was wondering does any usb 2.0 - ethernet adapter work with the wii? since i cant afford to fork out for the official one (im a poor student haha) since i just got a wii (ive ordered the only other one for £2.50 from amazon, so if anyone knows if it works let us know? cheers...