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    How to avoid Lag

    A lot of people are unaware how people even with cable modems can create lag in (player hosted) games. If you are running bit torrent, kazaa, or some other file sharing program where you are constantly uploading and downloading, you will heavily tax your bandwidth. This means even if you have a...
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    Phil is out

    "With Phil Harrison heading out of the door this week, Sony Computer Entertainment America is reshuffling its executive ranks. " I personally feel this is good news. This man brought doom to the company. I feel confident Sony can only benefit with...
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    2007 Console Sales

    I got the official numbers. Despite what Sony claims, the game press can only account for 5 PS3 million units sold in 2007. So the last one on the list is based off what the game press and Sony claim. There's a massive numbers gap between the two. I personally think Sony is around 7-8 million...
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    RE Outbreak Closed

    They are closing down Resident Evil Outbreak, that marks the last great PS2 online game. Resident Evil Outbreak 2, and Metal Gear Solid were both closed earlier in 2007. These great games will be missed. The servers come down on the last day of 2007. 2008 marks the end of the PS2 as Sony...
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    Activision's #2?

    As many of you know Nintendo is #1 on the top 20 game companies list. They pulled in more money than any other company in 2007. EA has been demoted to #2. EA ruled the list for over 5 years. Now Vivendi and Activision merged(final merger in mid 2008). This means their total sales will probably...
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    $400 PS3 coming?

    I said they are working on a 40gb version. The rumor was confirmed. An estimated US launch of next month. This is a 40gb version at $400(unofficial). The catch? No backwards compatibility. Thoughts? Will this put Sony's sales up there this holiday...
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    EA Dethroned by Nintendo

    Many of you are aware that EA has pulled in over a billion dollars year on year, ranking them #1 for 5 solid years. Well those days are gone, Nintendo finally dethroned EA. EA makes an average of a new game every 3rd day of the year(around 180 per year). Activision, their closest competitor...
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    Sony sells the Cell to Toshiba

    I'm stumped. This is like McDonalds selling their cow farm to Burger King. But it's ok! Huh? In the short term this means money. But in the long term Toshiba owns them. The PS4 may be called the Toshiba4. Comments?
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    Official Sales

    Here are the official sales of the consoles. Nintendo is now officially #1! Sony is around 3.5 million, Nintendo at 9 million, and Microsoft 8.9 million units -Internationally-. That means by Microsoft and Nintendo are almost 3x ahead of Sony. If that gap grows next year, the PS3 will be another...
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    Sony is getting sued again. This time over Blue Ray itself! I think these types of law suits are ridiculous. I remember people trying to sue Nintendo for the Wii remote. People who don't even design game consoles. No one should be sued for something this lame. Opinions...
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    No MGS4 till 3/1/08

    It's almost official, MGS4 is delayed until March 2008. The result? Konami could be adding in online mode, port to 360, or both. There will be more PS3 owners by 2008, so they increase their sales. The downside? Delayed! Delays are the theme of the game industry, SSBB 9/1/07, Spore 2009...
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    Mr. Kutaragi retires

    Mr. Kutaragi put Playstation on the map with over 100 million units of PS1, PS2 sold. Recently with the PS3 he has been getting into a lot of fights with, Phil Harrison and others. At age 56 he retired. He will be missed...
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    RE Outbreak 2 Dead

    Another PS2 game is no longer up. Sony seems to be closing more and more of their PS2 game servers. I'll miss File #2. It was a great game to play online. Does anyone know if the PS3 is hosting games like MGO, Outbreak, Socom Online?
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    MGS3 Online No More

    They finally closed the servers for Metal Gear Solid 3 Online. The last hours were mostly populated by super hackers racking up 30:1 kill to death ratios. Aside from that the game was one of the key reasons for playing online with the PS2. I hope Sony continues this with MGS4. I also hope Konami...
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    Whatever you do I can do better

    That pretty much sums up what may happen this year between Sony and Microsoft. The 360 is launching a 120gb hard drive, and later a Blue Ray player! Let me repeat that, the 360 may be getting a Blue Ray player. Not to be outdone Sony is now considering improvements of their own. Memory card...
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    Hecker Apologizes

    Ok first let's show the source. A guy working on a game was bashing Nintendo. No big deal? Well he really went over board. Calling the Wii a piece of (Fill In Blank Here).****-says-spore.html Now I said he'd take a pay cut...
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    Our Benefit

    One thing can be said about this year. Gamers will see a lot of competition among the 3 major companies this year. The benefit is ours. These 3 will keep adding features, games to compete heavily against each other for first place. We are the ultimate winners this year...
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    Control games with mind

    OMG! It finally happened! The question is what game company will pick up this technology in the future? Control games with your mind!
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    No More MGS3 Online

    April 2nd Metal Gear Solid 3 online servers are closing. My question is... If Sony gets MGS4 for the PS3, will they do the same? I don't understand why Sony would allow such a great game to go offline. Hackers have been on the decline, the game is becoming fun again, then they announce this...
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    History of Sales

    Money in US amounts I'm not counting Atari! Nintendo | Average Range $100-$200 | 60 million units SNES | Launch Price $200 | 49 million systems N64 | $100-$200 | 32.93 million systems Game Cube | $100-$200 | 21.20 million units DS | $150-$200 | DS | DS Lite 37 million units Game Boy |...