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  1. f1982

    WHITE PS3 How cheap can a PS3 get! (But still a rip off...just look)

    Although it seems amazing that the PS3 is now available for £299 with features removed that most people wont actually notice have gone, just look at what the same machine is available for in Japan... The new white version of the console is available for the knock down sum of 39,980 yen...
  2. f1982

    External Hard Drive Support (wouldnt this work?)

    Firstly, why has no developer come up with a hack of some sort to allow you to plug a USB hard drive into the wii? But I just had an idea. Would it be possible to have some sort of connector which fits on the end of a USB cable to make it fit an SD card slot? If so, do they exist, because I...
  3. f1982

    New Driving Game

    Anyone here really wishing for a decent driving game? Yeah I know we've got excite truck, and I do love it, but I dont mean that sort of thing. I mean something along the lines of Forza or Gran Turismo, also a good Formula 1 game would be sweet! Something with good realism. Anyone else...
  4. f1982

    Look at all the future games!

    Hey. I just happened to stumble accross this 6 page list of upcoming wii games. Thought i'd let you have a look through- I didnt realise my wallet was going to be so stretched in the coming year! So much to look forward to!
  5. f1982

    USB Microfone

    Hi. I recently saw a copy of 'Boogie' for sale with no mic. for a really good price. (why, I dont know) But was wondering if anyone knew if you could use any usb mic. with the wii or whether the ones you get bundled with boogie are dedicated peripherals? Cheers.
  6. f1982

    Modded in the UK?

    Hi. Most search engines generate this company in the UK. Has anyone used them before? I want to get a mod chip installed, and dont want to risk doing it myself. Cheers
  7. f1982

    Have you Modded? Are you going to? Read on.

    Here we can create a list of the best places to buy mod chips, or get your wii chipped. And also the ones to avoid! So... if you have modded, list the company you did it with, which chip you got, and a rating out of 10 for their service. Let the list commence!
  8. f1982

    New Mod Chip-Solderless!

    A new mod chip is soon to be released. Only this time its a solderless version. Heres the news:
  9. f1982

    Wii Mod Chip

    I've been wondering whether or not to mod my wii. I have for backups of my games and imports in the past on other systems, and have been searching for the best information on mod chips. If like me you want information about mod chipping your wii, i've found a website which gives a very...
  10. f1982

    Backup Games?

    Im sure this has been touched upon before in the modding threads, but I just wanted to start a little discussion about this method in particular. Check out this vid, and other like it. The guy has a file on an sd disc and loads that. Then the...
  11. f1982

    Wii Racing Game

    I was wondering of the few racing games out there, which would you say was the best overall. I've not played one yet, but have heard bad things about all of them. Are there any that are quite good? Cheers.
  12. f1982

    Funny picture- Sony Wii

    Its so true!
  13. f1982

    EA Sports

    Is there any ideas out there for the popular ea sports titles coming to wii? In particular im talking Fifa and F1 games. Just wondered if anyone had heard anything?
  14. f1982

    How good can the games get?

    Hey everyone, im new here, so just thought i'd start with a HI! Anyway, what i've been wondering ever since I got my wii at xmas is, exactly how good is it? There have been quite alot of people talking about comparing it in terms of hardware to the PS2, so the question is this... In the...