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    Mac users creating a wifi network??

    hey, wondering if any mac user has created a wifi accesspoint with their mac, and used it as an access point for the wii (and worked to connect to the internet). I basically need to know the settings and how to actually get the damn internet working from my wire, broadcasting to my wii...hope...
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    Why did nintendo only supply so many?

    hey, i was just wondering is there any reason why nintendo only baught so many of these to the uk? i mean did they not know what a great hit it was going to be? or is it that they cut corners? thanks Tim
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    so does any adapter work?

    hey, i was wondering does any usb 2.0 - ethernet adapter work with the wii? since i cant afford to fork out for the official one (im a poor student haha) since i just got a wii (ive ordered the only other one for £2.50 from amazon, so if anyone knows if it works let us know? cheers...