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  1. iOwnage

    Conduit revival

    I've heard the online is glitchy and not worth it. I might get it for the story if I find it used for cheap.
  2. iOwnage

    Conduit Multiplayer video Looks awesome =)
  3. iOwnage

    Onslaught Wii (FPS, WiiWare, Online Co-Op)

    Looks great and online co-op is a god step forward, but not to be a gfx whore or anything (and I'm well aware that this is WiiWare), but the graphics look N64 quality. Doesn't mean it will be bad, of course.
  4. iOwnage

    Calling all veteran Wiichaters!

    Actually, I've only posted three times so far, this being my third. I already have 540 because that's how many I had last April (when apparently the last backup occured).
  5. iOwnage


    If it were to start over, what number would we start at?
  6. iOwnage

    Calling all veteran Wiichaters!

    Everything... is... gone?! I worked hard for those1,100 posts :sad: . The history of WiiChat as been flushed down the drain. And whoa, my sig was reset! Damn, that's an one of my first graphics. ... It's kinda depressing... :(
  7. iOwnage

    Where are all the online FPSes?

    Well I know that Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 is coming to Wii. And like mentioned before, CoD5 and Red Steel 2, but that's all I can think of at the moment. Hopefully we will hear good news at E3 this year. But enough about FPSs... Where are the RPGs? There is only like 1 decent one.
  8. iOwnage

    how do I get your replays on my PC?

    I didn't know you could...
  9. iOwnage

    Gaming's dirtiest words

    Haha! But it's sadly true...
  10. iOwnage

    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for being a future marine.
  11. iOwnage

    Nintendo's 'secret war' on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Store

    Well, Nintendo is planning on compressing the WiiWare game files. Then when you want to play a game, it uncompresses, allowing you to play it. Smart move, but they should have done the same with virtual console. EDIT: DAMN! I didn't read wezeles's post...
  12. iOwnage

    Top 10 Games That Need a Sex Scene

    They were kidding about Super Mario Galaxy, right?
  13. iOwnage

    Upcoming Wifi Games

    ^ Its nothing special.... Almost every cellphone has it.
  14. iOwnage

    WiiWare debuts on March 25 with a plethora of titles

    You mean SSBB, right?
  15. iOwnage

    Upcoming Wifi Games

    ^They will go through with making it. Here is a list of Wifi games that I've come up with, both released and unreleased: • Pokemon Battle Revolution • Mario Strikers Charged • Madden NFL 08 • Battalion Wars 2 • Medal of Honor Heroes 2 • Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games...
  16. iOwnage

    The Force Unleashed delayed

    It was never supposed to come out on April. Was it? I'm pretty sure it was always a late-summer release date.
  17. iOwnage

    Toys R Us SSBB sale!

    Hmm... I might just pick up Zack and Wiki with it...
  18. iOwnage

    HElP orcani!

    I told this guy how to spell "Ocarina" in the last "Orcani Help" thread.
  19. iOwnage

    As anyone else had a problem with there Brawl disc?

    I have this problem with all my other discs, since I dont have Brawl yet. I already called Nintendo, and I'm sending it in tommorow.
  20. iOwnage

    SSBB or Mario Kart?

    Anyone who gets one of them, is gonna end up getting the other one eventually.