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  1. wiiman14

    The official "Animal Crossing City Folk" Thread

    Since my old thread disapeared, I'm going to make a new one :) Chat away!
  2. wiiman14

    Are these Charecters in brawl? It says megaman in brawl. I'm pretty sure this is not true but can you tell me if it is?
  3. wiiman14

    Worms or Destroy all humans?

    Hey guys I need some help, I am deciding to get the new Worms game or Destroy all humans? PS: Please don't start flaming about geting brawl, cause I am get it later.
  4. wiiman14

    The NBA Thread

    This is for all the talk about the NBA. To start it off, Did you hear Shaq is going to the Suns? How do you think he will do with Nash?
  5. wiiman14

    When Was the X-box 360 Realsed?

    I need to know this to compare all the three systems. Thanks for your time:yesnod:
  6. wiiman14

    Wiichat Milestone Thread

    Well here you talk about a milestone you hit at wiichat. It could be 1000 post, 100post, first ban... For me It is my 500 Post WOOT!!!
  7. wiiman14

    ''Our house'' The game

    Majesco think, “if you can dream it, you can build it” as they announce ‘Our House’ for the Wii. Developed by Budcat Creations, Our House turns the Wii Remote into the ultimate creation tool that lets players design, build and decorate their own personalized trophy home they can share with...
  8. wiiman14

    How do you make a video game lol

    I promised my class I would make them a video game playable for 360 pc and wii. I know this may sound stupid but do you think it is possible and what programe should I use?
  9. wiiman14

    Gamespot's Game Of The Year!!! Galaxy get's it!!!! What a Year!!!
  10. wiiman14

    Pats 16-0

    I know this is in Nfl thread but this 1 milestone is HUGE! They broke the most points in a season record Brady broke most TD passes in a season record Moss broke most TD bye a WR in a season record Discuss
  11. wiiman14

    What was Christmas Surprise?

    So, What was it?:shocked:
  12. wiiman14

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Just want to say Marry Christmas to everyone on Wiichat. See you all in the new year.:P Wiiman14
  13. wiiman14

    If you could change your name...

    If you could change your name, What would it be? My name now = Fred My dream name = Gary
  14. wiiman14


    Wow only [SPOILER/]4.5[SPOILER]
  15. wiiman14

    New Updates...

    Hello, I have no internet so thats means I have never had a update(baught wii june 26 07). I Baught wii zapper and when I inserted it, it said ''Please take a moment while we update your system...''' Then My system got the clock update and not internet...:wtf: Please help me here...:crazy:
  16. wiiman14

    The official ''Banjo Kazooie 3'' Thread

    Talk about this new upcoming game.
  17. wiiman14

    The Jesus and Mosses Thread

    They do deserve a Thread, Without them... We would not be alive! EDIT: Dedicated to Frogger
  18. wiiman14

    700 points left...

    What is the best game I could get under that price?
  19. wiiman14

    What is your most embaressing moment?

    Like the title says, What is your most embaressing moment?
  20. wiiman14

    What is the bigest lie you have ever said?

    So, What is it?