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    Wii in Australia thread

    say heyy hooooooooooo! long story short I need that boxxy sig again and i cant find it anywhere anyone still have it saved?
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    Any good mangas/comics out there?

    Trigun Trinity Blood Kurohime
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    Wii in Australia thread

    POKEMON with the pokee and the mon
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    Xfire/Steam Thread my witch hunter i have been working
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    Wii in Australia thread

    EKI i told you stop trollin!
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    Wii in Australia thread

    i am alive! but i have decided to not post any more that is all talk to me on msn if you please.
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    Wii in Australia thread

    comedy fest on Watch NOW!
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    Looking for WoW players on Ravenholdt

    lol i had a clan back on arman thul we rocked! i was Gm then i quit i hope they still go good! we were called the rosenkruez orden it means teh rose cross
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    Wii in Australia thread

    oh i can help with that liger... go to china town and at the top of the hill you will find it on the left hand side across the lights as if you were walkingup the china hill=D they dont have much at all i checked last week ask them if they got brawl and freeload yet for me please!! and i hope...
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    Picture battle

    lol prinny apollo found a big flaw in your game=D
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    WoW Player Dies and Funeral Is Held Online.

    i used to play i quit at the start of the year and honestly if i herd that someone was having a funeral in game and it was a pvp server i would be so torn if i should go or shouldn't yes it would be the ultimate victory for the alliance as people back in the medieval times did this all the times...
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    What to say to your suicidal friend...

    just one point that prinny made... think about how it will affect others that doesn't always work... i know i sometimes wish i could fake my death just to see how people would react and if they really did care and if i meant anything at all to them yes of course it is going to make everyone sad...
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    Wii in Australia thread

    haha go liger best call ever!
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    Wii in Australia thread

    lol dont deleate out posts!! just move the thread to the lounge if you have to!
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    Professional Wrestling Thread

    ok thanks prinny
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    Wii in Australia thread

    just ur overall noobness
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    what its like in a poke ball

    lol some people have to much time on their hands
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    rate the Avatar above u

    lol i was laughing at your avi the other day 8/10
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    Countdown From A Million

    993 890
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    One Sentence Story

    egg. my name is