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    any1 wanna play me

    omg its like so many ppl not online does any1 wanna friend me who is online and have a good connection!!!! my friend code is 4210-3655-9675 put ur fc here and ill add u and play u as soon as possible
  2. K

    tournament idea

    wouldnt it be fun if we had a lil tournament for zones/state on wiichat to see who is the best out of the zones/state that would be kind of fun if u think about it and then ppl from other zones/state would go after one anotherto see who is best on wiichat
  3. K

    ssbb wifi works!!

    NOW ITS WORKING GOING AGAINST STRANGERS WORK NOW!!!!!! I JUST PLAYED >.< tell me if it works for u now
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    I Was Playing Brawl

    omg i was playing brawl just now and it is CRAZYYYYYYYYYY o man that game is so fun its not even funny the boards final smash everything in the game is great i jjust love it so much
  5. K

    skype or something

    any1 have skype or xfire so i can talk to them while i play brawl cause i need pointers and help so i can become a pro with meta knight pm me plz and tell me if u have it so we can be friends
  6. K

    ur name in ssbb

    what would u name urself in brawl imma name myself Itachi probaly im still thinking of names since it is soon coming out
  7. K

    If u gettin Medal of honor

    yo whoever got or is gettin medal of honor heroes pm me and tell me your wii friend number
  8. K

    If u getting smash

    yo if u gettin smash put down ur wii friend # so i can add u
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    yo wats up errbody

    yo waddup every1 im new and im lookin for friends for the wii im going to be gettin smash and im beatin every1 lol but if u wanna be friends wwith me my wii number is 5201 2718 8040 0689 bout to get me medal of honor 2morrow :yesnod: