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    funniest show ever!

    i guess you could take it down to Simpson's vs futurma vs family guy vs southpark vs other sitcoms? I'm only talking about TV show's here... lets not forget the chasers and I'm sure America has some funny shows so who would come out on top who packs the most laughs per minute? who has been...
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    best movie ever thread

    i coulnt see a thread on this... well here is my opinion hands down best movie ever is 1 of the saw movies they are the best movies easy the fact that it came from a lower class developer had no STAR actors and the way it plays with your mind for a whole year after the movie you will be trying...
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    gimp 2

    i have looked though the tutorials and i couldnt find what i need if i want to take a particular image A) or B) and take the center image and leave all the back ground behind est and place it another picture how would i do that?
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    nentendo strikes back?

    OK so we all have herd about the gay Nintendo stuff with the whole SMG cover and stuff... well lets take a look at waluigi... he wears purple and as i understand it that is the universal gay colour... he is also a bad guy so i think it is meant to make us hate him? have you guys herd his laugh...
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    sig problem

    i could post this in either section but this is more of a wiichat problem when i copy and paste my link from image shack im getting my old sig no matter what link i post even if it is a compleatly differnt sig i get myold 1 .. i have ereased all the sigs atm
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    easter vs christmas

    OK i was in bed last night and i thought i might post this on the few forums i post in... easter vs Christmas what is more important to you is it the classic battle of chocolate vs presents or is it something more like the birth of Christ vs Christ being reborn I'm generally looking for...
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    Guilly gears AC

    has anyone got it or played it i am thinking of buying it but i havnt been able to find it in aussie
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    TRIGUN anime VS manga

    i have read all bar the last book of the manga and im 2 eps off the anime to finish i have seen it all but after getting the manga i decided to watch it agian... now their are such huge differences it is unbeliviable so what story line to do you prefer anime or manga i would think alot...
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    Black cat

    anyone watched it wanna chat about it?
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    brawl on game cube no spoliers

    OK so what do you guys think about brawl being it on the GC it should have been not many games are over 6 years apart from each other in the same series... so it really should have been on the GC do you think it would have been good i personal don't see how they could have improved on melee with...
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    how to make money out of smash bro

    ok you could easily sell coins on brawl just set up a web site collect coins and set up matches and be like oh damn i fell off the side 5 times in a row how did that happen the pay you the money via pay pal est done deal... what do you guys think
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    clones SPOLIERS

    i remember reading that they said their wouldnt be clones so i thought falco would get a remake but aperntly not his FS is the same as fox's to start with i think he should have a ship not a tank... umm i cant confim but his moves are the same arnt they i have watched a few of his vids but i...
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    OMG went to EB to day they have it and its only 1 player like WTF i didnt look that much into as i was in a rush but it only had the 1 player sign on the back and no talk of online in the little blurbs on the back...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this blows so badly when are we getting an online shooter!!
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    dragon ball Z

    im surprised their isnt a thread on this on my other forum this is all we talk about lol edit:any question ask
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    classic vs GC

    I'm not sure what to do i have a classic and 3 GC so if people dont want to use the wiimotes for brawl that is fine but im not sure what i want to use... i guess i will be playing by my self alot so i dont need to buy another classic in case to people want to play... but the main reason im...
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    a few things

    has brawls jap release date been pushed?? silly question but i couldnt confirm... is it just me or does snake not look all that good... just a thought... his B moves dont look all that great... would you just play a PC for his/her FS... sonics one looks very very week but kirbys...
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    australia chat

    come here to chat if you are Aussie if you are not Aussie you are welcome but you must write a letter 2 wii Aussie asking them to lower our game prices... welcome people that gpoleweski kicked out of his thread... have fun
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    american dollar to aussie dollar

    the difference is very minimal yet we still pay 100 dollars and they pay 50 i know they use a different system than pal but that shouldnt matter... your opinions something needs to be done about it NOW i could have double my wii stuff
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    two things

    umm am i the only one who doesnt use items in fights thus making finial smash pointless... my and my bro duel all the time and we find items ruin the matches get a hammer= u win no skill involved... get a finial smash= u win miminal skill involved... so who is going to do no item matches with...
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    just got wifi.... GO

    want to get some games to play over the net... you cant do wii sports can you??? would i someone who likes to kill stuff like mario soccer?? what others to you suggest will they fix the lag on dbz? est est est... !!!!! GO