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    Do you guys think SSBB will be sold out on launch?

    for a high hyped game like this in America you won't be able to get the game by preorder on time, i'd advise to go to wal-mart there will be loads of copies there
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    wtf!!!Wii 2???!!

    well im not employed there so im not really allowed near any documents like that.............. you will have to wait and see then jumpei ueki and susumu inoe are the assistant managers of development group no.5 which worked on the wii if that helps for evidence
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    wtf!!!Wii 2???!!

    i could give you the names of the heads of the wiis development if you want or my dads name note if you want my dads name i will only give it for 3 mins just incase if there is any legal action another note i have the bussiness cards of them i can probally have them up in 2 days
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    wtf!!!Wii 2???!!

    they will in 2010 its the next generation i think not just a wii 2 they started development at the end of 2007 im sorry to say my dad has comfirmed it
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    Codemasters CEO Doubts Wii Sustainability, Envisions 'Wii 2'

    dont say i didnt tell you look for wii 2 and the company called splashpower around 2010
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    wtf!!!Wii 2???!!

    yeah about $370-$380 should suffice but in 2010 it will be $150 dollars if it was based on current wii hardware
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    wtf!!!Wii 2???!!

    i was talking about the wiimote battery and i thought the case was cheaper soz around $120 in total i think thats the problem. so really nintendo is gonna intergrate it into the wii2 like at the top or something and you place the wiimotes on top
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    wtf!!!Wii 2???!!

    true but nintendo doesn't want that and splashpower is working with them with a european battery company , you would to buy a moded battery for the wiimotes to work on the case which in total would cost about $50 for the case alone ,$20 per battery. would you really buy that for $70. plus it...
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    wtf!!!Wii 2???!!

    its for the new one i said so earlier it would be cool but then they would need to have another stand as well
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    wtf!!!Wii 2???!!

    intergrated into it thats what they are thinking
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    wtf!!!Wii 2???!!

    yep to work into the controllers no more need for recharagable batteries , i think you can charge them on the console if they incorperate the pad built into the next gen console in 2010 i think thats what they said to my dad, soz not for wii, it might be a wii lite tho maybe...... probally not
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    brawl mario kart wii the next zelda medal fo honour wii fit
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    wtf!!!Wii 2???!!

    i did go to other forums but i got bored. yea universal wireless charging ive got one in my house just now actually
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    wtf!!!Wii 2???!!

    vice president
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    Smash Bros Site Discussion

    look you guys its proabally based on lucas , and they devil horned it
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    wtf!!!Wii 2???!!

    unfoutunately this is true , (yeah im back), i posted earlier in the year saying my dad was put his product in the works with the next wii but you guys didnt believe me splashpower is the companies name
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    Corrupt a wish

    a my old one you die because of copyright law inforcers who kill you i wish the next poster gets a ps3
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    Where's the Metroid love?

    here another question #where is the SMG love the mario kart love etc but you see the most hype comes from SSBB just now and no nintendo staff memebr can change that with a few words
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    Known Unknowns

    might be a god
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    Kid Icarus Should it be brought back?

    well as it has been said they could use the unplayed dead phoniex really search before posting