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    Hey everyone this is sdolla, the gamer of gamers just online living the wii kind of life lol...hey i play pretty much all games so if your online and im online let me know what game your playing and we can get it cracking. wii #8180-6359-3274-1362 smash bros 3352 2968 6758
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    Hi Everyone

    wii # 8180-6359-3274-1362 ....smash bros 3352-2968-6758 lets get it
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    Hi Everyone

    my name is sdolla2010 wii code 8180-6359-3274-1362 im looking up my smash bros code i will message you back im online playin :wiimote:
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    Hi Everyone

    ADD The Kid! name sdolla2010 wii8180-6359-3274-1362 wow im just getting online i had my wii for 5months now but its game time!! smash bros all day everyday