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    Can I trade in a game without a french manual?

    I was just wondering if I can trade games in at futureshop with only a english manual. Thank you for your answer.
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    Wii success may lead to cheaper next-gen

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    Deadly Creatures images

    Source: Images are small. You will have to click on the link to see them in a larger size. Also this game looks interesting. I will probably rent it.
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    Mario Kart wii review

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    Beatles Edition of Guitar Hero is a possibility
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    Brawl breaks NOA record in sales.

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    Manhunt 2 cleared for UK

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    need some help with router setup.

    ok so here the deal. I'm setting up a linksys wrt54g router. I am almost done here but I am entering the security settings. I am going to use the WPA setting and it is asking for the key used by my network. This is a stupid question, but what is this key? Thanks in advance for answering...
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    bomberman coming to wiiware

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    house of the dead IGN review

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    the tracks of mario kart wii

    source: some nice and creative tracks dont you think?
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    a few notes about ssbb(A MUST READ)

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    call of duty MMO?

    source: ok i know it is 360 news, but since the wii is most likely getting future COD games, this could also happen on wii with the pay to play service.
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    see how mario kart works online

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    THQ: wii hasnt won yet

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    de blob videos. the first two you see are the ones that were added today.enjoy!:yesnod:
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    Every known wiiware title!

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    We Ski Preview

    source: shouldnt it be called wii ski?
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    Bully: Scholarship Edition Review

    VIDEO REVIEW LINK AT THE BOTTOM! source: video review:
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    Wonder what comes with the ssbb preorder?

    well the thing is that when you usually preorder something, a little something else that has very little relevence comes along with it. Have you heard anything about what will come with brawl? if not, then i got an answer for you. according to futureshop, people who buy ssbb will get a white hat...