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  1. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    General Football/soccer thread

    Well discuss all football matters here such as great goals etc. did anyone see c.ronaldo`s goal at the weekend? Jawsome( jaw-droppingly awesome) what team do you support: Wii_BrEnDo2007: Celtic FC Whoops: Chesterfield FC Lewi T: Liverpool SurfinRach90: Chelsea Cpt.MCcloud...
  2. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    What game did you play most this weekend?

    i played PES2008 Wii for a total of:18 hours WoW thats a lot considering i went to a shopping centre played footie with my mates and watched the football :lol:
  3. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    Teh european mario kart trailer is here(zorrz) Hurry for mario kart
  4. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    Stories sub-section

    well we could have a kind of story/fiction syb-section to post stories etc.
  5. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    The best gaming intros you have ever watched? i love that intro,so whats your favourites much?
  6. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    R4DS Guide by me

    1. the firmware: The firmware files are what are needed by the M3 to work, these are what come on the CD, but chances are they are out dated, so throw the CD away and download the latest firmware files from Once downloaded you should...
  7. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    Should i change my username?

    ITS OUT OF DATE LOL! should i ask to change it...or keep it for the Lulz?
  8. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    i passed my credit level computing test!

    well credit level is the hardest type of exam in scotland (discluding higher) and i got 23/25 i am really happy!
  9. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    saving up for a ps3 week

    Well i was watching aan ad for GT5:Prolouge and i just had to start saving the bundle costs: GT5:PROLOUGE+PS3= £299
  10. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    which tetris block are YOU? i am the straight shape: straight AND narrow
  11. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    who here likes tetris?

    well......does anyone play this i find it enjoyable and fun am i the only one?
  12. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    gonna miss gran turismo :(

    :sick: :sick: :sick: Sigh i WANT a PS3 badly just for this game
  13. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    PES 2008 wii reviews so far......

    Games master UK: 90% ONM- 90% looking positive!
  14. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    Sick of people criticizing mario kart wii......

    all over the internet people are saying bout mario kart wii, "its not made any new changes,except tracks are wider and some new items" well ask yourself this what has SSBB done diffrent....except from a shitty online mode and some new characters, the truth is nintendo dont try to RENEW their...
  15. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    The next best movie in the world is........

    -speed racer post your idea
  16. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    the "what have you got planned for the weekend" thread

    well i am: -going to laser planet to go laser tagging -going out to play football aaaaannnd: nothing else :/
  17. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    Debate Thread

    Well as the name suggests come here to debate about issues,arise your own or reply to others topic #2 : should athletes involved in doping be allowed to compete in the olympics after they finish their sentence
  18. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    Going laser tag(ing) on saturday.......

    anybody ever been,is it any good. Im going with my cousin for his birthday there is going to be 8 of us there Is it fun?
  19. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    box art you find funny....

    lol i just had to laugh
  20. Wii_BrEnDo2007

    SSBB Trophy *UPDATED*

    *facepalm to head*