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    US VC/Wiiware game for 2/March/09 (theres a SNES game)

    This game owns. If you liked Final Fantasy Tactics, this game is a million times better! It's a strategy RPG. Don't let the footage fool you. This game ramps up into 255 soldiers to command. Despite the size it's got a Star Craft(anyone can play) feel to it. There are over 1,000 Code Breaker...
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    Reasons why EarthBound absolutley WILL NOT be available on the Wiis' Virtual Console

    Thespeedgamers tried as hard as possible to get this released. But the lawyers have officially blocked release of this game. We could in theory still petition for Mother 3, but I'd say by this point it's unlikely. This may end up in the bin with Golden Eye. Unlike Bionic Commando, and Banjo...
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    Na 2-16-09

    Life Force! Finally!
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    Okay, so they've added Secret of Mana.

    The answer is yes and no. Square makes more money porting games to the DS. They will consider the DS before ever making a VC release. I know it's lame as hell, but they did this with Final Fantasy, and Chrono Trigger. They aren't stopping now.
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    The 360 version is very affordable with improved graphics. The only downside is the removal of the castle cut scenes, and ending music. Unless you are really looking for the fullest experience, you can buy the DC version with added rooms and content. Otherwise pick up the 360 version. By now if...
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    US VC/Wiiware games 9/2/09 (mercs)

    PM me when we get up to 3 games a week... Wait that's never happening? Sigh...
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    Na 1-26-08

    Here's what I was told. From now on we're supposed to get 1 VC game a week, and 1 Wiiware game a week. Whenever we are missing Wiiware we will get 2 VC games a week. I hope this is just speculation, but this was announced a few weeks ago and seems to be true with the current trend. We'll see in...
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    Consoles to “die out” in the next 5 to 10 years

    What that guy is talking about is really simple. He says somehow cable companies like Time Warner, Adelphia will take over the video game industry. It won't happen, and if it did we'd have 10,000 channels of garbage, just like TV. He talks like those old farts at Xerox. They had equally no...
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    Why Nintendo’s online gaming paranoia could kill the Wii

    I said this once, and many times before I shall say it again. It's not Nintendo that's the problem. The problem is Japan. Ever play Final Fantasy 11 online? How about PSO where you can't use the word, "shoes" in a chat room? Don't forget the outright lack of voice chat for Resident Evil Online...
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    Slate Declares the Wii Online 'A Smashing Failure'

    Too much was written. Here's what Nintendo needs for online. They need VC online like Zbattle for the Zsnes emulator. Next we need a mother fing chat room. Some way to communicate other than smoke signals. There. I fixed Nintendo's problems. Hire me Nintendo.
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    im getting a ps3 for birthday

    I'm getting Star Craft 2 for my Birthday! If Blizzard meets my release date of Oct 6th.
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    what to buy in Wii Shop??

    Pick a game at random from each console. Don't forget to spend 500 pts on Wiichat. My advice is almost as awful as Fox news.
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    Dr. Mario FIRST LOOK

    OMG someone kill this guy. 4 mins to get to the actual gameplay footage. When he finally gets there, the tape recorder is broken! He did so many things wrong with that video he made my eyes bleed.
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    Consoles to “die out” in the next 5 to 10 years

    I disagree with the guy. Nintendo has proven(again and again) people want games. Other features are nice, and some are essential in the future. Such as chat rooms. But overall game systems will continue to exist. We are 20-30 years away from reaching the graphics limit, probably longer...
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    EU VC update 28/03/08: C64 comes to VC!

    How old are you guys? The sound effects hurt my ears! But you got 3 games! 3 games is better than 1! A glimmer of hope? Please release more games per week!
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    mortal kombat & killer instinct

    No and no. While Rare and Nintendo are on friendly terms, Microsoft wants a piece of that pie. So to spite Microsoft, Nintendo has blocked a lot of future Rare games from coming out. The basic deal was they release games like Golden Eye and KI on the Wii and enchanced versions with online mode...
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    NA releases 3/31/2008

    A N64 game! Wow! A bad one too. Well bad port.
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    Awesome 4minute preview of Mario Kart Wii at Gametrailers!!!

    I was told there won't be a real chat system. We'll be able to use premade text in a chat type room. Please don't let this be true. You also can't jump, and power sliding can be set to automatic. This game may have been simplified way too much. Only time will tell.
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    Nobody Online?

    Ok there are three major problems with Brawl. First is the friends list. You need 800-1200 people on your list to garauntee you have 4 people to play against at all times. 64 people is too small of a list, and you'll find yourself playing the same 3-4 friends almost every time. Next is WiFi...
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    Sega Master System Games to Cost only 400 points...

    There's a reason they are only 400 pts. Ever play the Master System?!