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    How did you beat Tabuu?

    Lol. Haven't been here in forever, but just had to say that's the way to go at him. Also pointed out earlier with the stickers and their effects, does it help out? I've never really paid attention to them at all. I should re-try story mode with it.
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    Slate Declares the Wii Online 'A Smashing Failure'

    I hope that they hear us out with all these complaints w More than likely change isn't going to happen this gen, perhaps next system they'll drop the FC's. Still what they could improve now is the "with anyone" mode in games, like We Love Golf is going to have. I hope it's good (in We Love Golf)...
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    Nintendo shutting down friend code sharing websites--A MUST READ!!

    Sounds like a joke to me. If they were to crack down sites because of copyright infringement that'd be dumb. Countless sites out there has the names like Wii, Nintendo, Friendcodes, etc. The post has no real evidence at all. If it has been a month wouldn't Nintendo take bigger action by...
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    Countdown From A Million

    993870 Can we do two/three number at a time? no one will notice and it helps us improve our math! x3
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    Too many classic Nintendo ideas being used up?

    They are also trying to make up for third parties. If there's real good third party support you can expect Nintendo not to release things so closely for causing competition, but there isn't now so they must make up for it. Nintendo still has a lot under their sleeves, even if they don't they're...
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    looking through a fanboy's eyes.

    They put a FFXI reference in the ps3 one x3 nice
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    10 reasons why the Wii will continue to dominate in 2008

    This year could be PS3 year because big titles like MGS4 and FFXIII are suppose to be launching for it :x
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    Awesome 4minute preview of Mario Kart Wii at Gametrailers!!!

    It is true there's no text chat.. that's just what Big N wants to do for now. I can't wait for it either~ looks great : )
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    Brawl - More or Less Balanced than Melee?

    His down b that I mention that could have close distance but spiff says it's too slow so I guess it's not a real good idea. On a side note I did play some people with Ganondorf, not Zelda, and it seems that the usual style I play that I apply to random character I use somewhat works for for...
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    Brawl - More or Less Balanced than Melee?

    I see, I thought it was a pretty fast move from what I see but I guess I didn't see it right then :x Ganon is an interesting character cause of his speed and until I can actually utilize short jumps and meteor smash well I don't think I can go far with him x3
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    Wii Success May Lead to Cheaper Next-Gen

    I just played it this morning! (in widgets) : ) After reading some of Sovieto I can see you prefer 360 over Wii, but why bash some people who post in the thread? The reason why you start attacking is because you misread the message of fun > graphic, that doesn't mean omg Wii (fun) > 360...
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    Brawl - More or Less Balanced than Melee?

    Some of Ganon move can be used to close distance. Let's say he's using his forward B towards you then when it's near you down B since he can't move the the fire move backwards he's forced to let it go. I don't play Ganon so I wouldn't really know how hazerdous Zelda is vs Ganon. I do have...
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    Mewtwo in Brawl

    They did include Mewtwo as a trophy in Brawl to pay respect to him. We have to keep in mind that they can't pay respect to all the pkmn. It is true that SSBB does do fan service across the board but to the series in general. The fact that they include Pkmn trainer does pkmn series great justice...
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    Brawl - More or Less Balanced than Melee?

    Yes there is mind game you use to get close to him and use when you're right by him. If he starts running when you get close next time you get some what close but do something different, like quick turn around grab or something. You can develop a tatic to not let him be able to spam at all. You...
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    Mewtwo in Brawl

    I didn't say in the "real world" I was comparing him within the Pokemon game. Which then you might ask "but DK is strong in his game why did they include him doesn't that lower his image?" Well would you rather they include those alligator he kills, would that represent his game better? The...
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    Only reason Cpt. Falcon is in game.

    Yeah, that's probably why they remove some character too. I didn't even see the point in Pichu, probably very little people used him or even some complained :x Also mentioned above but I'll add to it
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    10 reasons why the Wii will continue to dominate in 2008

    Animal Crossing and Wii Fit are both to own on my list : ) Wii Fit is more of raising your health concious as oppose to getting a nice workout and getting buff, just imagine it as what Brain Age does. I do see some mini games that would provide a decent work out though, such as jogging and...
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    Why Japanese RPGs Suck

    I'm taking this article as a satire, and I think the cure for him would be FFXI ; )
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    Brawl - More or Less Balanced than Melee?

    Saying that in this game does come off as arrogance since it's relatively new, especially if you are losing to a "noob". I can understand if you play the game for years, pratically know it inside and out, and some random new person came up and beat you. There might be a point then, but still...
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    Using PSI Magnet for another purpose?

    Another point is that Mario Cape also turns the opponent the other way. I haven't really tryed Lucas or Ness to see how it works, does it just slow their fall rate down or does it push them in their facing direction also?