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    The little things that counts.

    So for those who've enjoyed (or is frustrated trying to rush SSE) playing Brawl, instead of picking out its flaws, what are some things you find that makes the game that much more great? On top of my head two things come to mind, nothing major but it's good that they include it. One is when...
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    How did you beat Tabuu?

    I finally got him on the 4th on try, on hard mode, after learning his moves : ) The six character I choose was: Olimar, Marth, Peach, Luigi, Sonic, Ganondorf I just find my reaction time to his moves is too slow, or in other words he's too fast for me x_x He got me a few time with that grab move...
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    How's your Wi-Fi connection?

    So I've tried Wi-Fi with anyone yesterday and it lag horribly. But that's because I'm using wireless and the router is in a room that's two wall away from the living room heheh. So if I manage to get the usb connector thing it'll probably run pretty smooth. I mean it's not -that- horrible, about...
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    Quick music questions.

    I see in the music list that there's Ashley's Song, and Ashley's Song JP version (though from different game.. I'm guessing because where the song appeared first) Does this mean the game will have Ashley's theme in both language? if so then sweet! It could even possibly mean Ai no Uta will be...
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    SMG game play

    Hey! Not sure if thread like this exist, hopefully not. I want to share a SMG vid of my friend battling Bowser :3 Perhaps some of you have some vids you'd wanna post too whoo~ I think I'll record when he fights him again. I was recording w