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    Why does Europe always get the shaft?

    I always say that Europe gets games later because we're better than America at them, so they have time to practice :yesnod:
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    Nintendo DS Wifi IRC? Or some sort of java chat?

    Yeah my channel would be fine. put in your nick and the channel you want is #Flagel Maybe you should announce it as news or something so its more widespread around the site. Also I didn't realise you had connected Trulen else I would have said hi. Edit: all...
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    Nintendo DS Wifi IRC? Or some sort of java chat?

    Ok I would definitely be interested in a ds irc channel. Now there are a few ways we can do this, the easiest would be to find a server that has java web browser support. e.g. The server I go on, all you'd have to do is go to this page and put in your nick...
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    OK stupid question but her goes.......

    Link does talk actually, in the cd-i Zelda games (which are awful)
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    Not all Torrents are ILLEGAL

    Just a little mention here, I usually put torrents on before I go to bed, and you are right, they are not all illegal. For example I go on the underdogs site alot to get games (they host and have lists of loads of freeware and abandonware games) Its a rare time when you can torrent a game...
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    Gameing Fantasy

    The thing is, halo isn't that good, when I compared it to another old game (red faction 2) the only thing I found to be worse was the lack of online play. Halo is just one of those games that was hyped up so much that people started to believe it. It will sell well, but does the number of sales...
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    GTA: Wii

    I wouldn't mind seeing gta3 or gta:vc on the wii, the aiming would be massively improved over the ps2 versions, but then again you could always get the pc versions which also have multiplayer mods =\
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    Gameing Fantasy

    I dunno, I personally think there are enough sports games and enough mario games. What about an adventure game? anyone remember broken sword? Where you search around the screen and stuff like that.
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    Gameing Fantasy

    I agree it looks better, and the concept of free roaming assassin is a good one, but I haven't played no more heroes yet (and I doubt you have)
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    Gameing Fantasy

    I would love to see a killer7 port to wii, just because the aiming is the hardest part of the game with a normal analog controller :( Or a third max payne game.
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    Omg Nooo :(

    That looks horrible =\ what is wrong with his face.
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    Game Genie

    I have zelda 2 on in the other room right now, I set my old nes up today, its pretty hard at some points by generally doable. Some enemies are impossible to hit however without getting hit yourself =\
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    The Darkness is one of the worst games I have ever played for Xbox 360

    Is it anything like this review says ?
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    The true UK vc list for this week (3 Aug)

    Shinobi is awesome, its a side scrolling fighting game, with a level on horseback and one on a surf board (if i remember rightly) its just fun to play and very smooth visually. You start off fighting other ninjas then somehow progress to robots. You can kind of say its like contra but as a...
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    Resident Evil:Umbrella Chronicles

    on rails isn't a bad thing, its just a different way, it makes everything alot more hectic when you can't take cover (except in time crisis) and it allows for alot better scripted events. I will definitely be getting re:UC because my friend and i love resident evil, and shooters, and co:op, so...
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    Some new No More Heroes scans... Japanese anyone?

    I've been playing through killer7 and it makes me want no more heroes even more.
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    Ghost Squad

    I've played it in the arcade and its pretty good, there are multiple paths, and sometimes little objectives (like cut the right wire for bomb defusal, or reaction knife fights) There is alot more though because there is all the additional weapons and stuff in the wii version as well as not...
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    guys guess what i know when wii2 comes out

    Its true because someone on the internets dad said so.
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    Alone In The Dark 5

    I remember playing the original alone in the dark years ago, there were so many ways to die instantly to odd shaped pixels.
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    New controller for the ps3

    The thing is though, to use a mouse like that, you need a surface to put it on, and I would hate to have to sit on my bed/sofa/whatever you sit on when you play games, and put the mouse mat on my lap to play. =\